2024 Season Introduction

On behalf of the HCCF Management Committee, we would whole heartedly like to wish all the warmest of welcomes for the 2024 season.

I hope this season introduction assists all players, managers, officials and supporters of HCCF get an overview of the 2024 season and allows them to start the season fully informed. The registration period can sometimes be tricky. If you still have questions after reading this, please reach out and contact your club delegate or the HCCF Secretary (Contact details on our website under the tab About Us) and I am sure they will try and provide whatever information you may need.

Online Registrations
In 2024 all player registrations are required to be done online by the individual player (parent / guardian) as a pre cursor to registering with a club. These registrations are now open and must be completed and acknowledged by your club delegate within the online team register before a player can take the field.

Registration Fees
HCCF playing fees for 2024 are $180 for Seniors and Juniors (under 18) $130. Please remember this is only the HCCF registration component. Each club will be responsible for setting own Fees component of registration to cover additional costs incurred in running their club, so please be sure to check on your club’s total registration fee with your club management.

Child Protection Act
All Coaches, Managers and Chaplains with Juniors in their teams are required to complete the working with Children Check and supply their WWCC number with the team registration. Please note that this registration needs to be renewed every 5 years.

Website is https://www.kidsguardian.nsw.gov.au/child-safe-organisations/working-with-children-check

Competition Dates
Our 2024 Season is set to kick off Saturday 6th April with Ian Pettigrew Shield. No matches will be played on Saturday 8th June due to the King’s Birthday Long weekend. Our Finals Series is scheduled to commence on Saturday 17th August, culminating in Grand Finals on Saturday 31st August (September 7th is the Alternate weekend for Grand Finals if games are unable to be played as originally scheduled)

Online Fixtures and Results Gameday
As in previous years all fixtures and results are generated by Gameday. As per the standing orders Team Managers are required to enter the results of each match before 8pm on the day of the match, or 12 noon on the day after the fixture for mid-week night fixtures. Team managers will require a Gameday passport to gain access to their membership data base for their team. Sign up here (https://passport.sportstg.com/signup). Once your passport is confirmed please email the HCCF Registrar (registrar@hccf.org.au), so you can be added to the team admin.

Representative Football
HCCF Representative football will be taking to the field again this year. We have committed to playing in the Steel City Challenge against the Illawarra Churches Soccer Association. We will be looking to retain this title in Illawarra on the last weekend of May (Pending Ground availability). The NSW Country Championships including Teams from HCCF, Illawarra, Blue Mountains and the Central Coast which are due to be played on the King’s Birthday long weekend(June). At this stage, we are only locked in for an Open Men’s Team, though we are continually looking at the possibility of extending this to include Ladies and junior teams. NSW Country are still looking at the possibility of attending the CFFA National Titles to be played in Victoria this year. HCCF will again be looking to support getting youth NSW Country teams attending future National titles. We already have some things in place to get this kicked off on the right foot along with the other associations Please keep an eye out for Rep Trials on our social media and correspondence to Club delegates. if you feel you have the skill and desire to represent HCCF and possibly even NSW Country please be sure to show up and trial. We are also on the lookout for passionate and skilled people whom may be interested in joining our current Organisers with the running of representative football.

Referees / Match Officials
If anyone is interested in becoming a referee / match official in HCCF this season please contact the HCCF Secretary (admin@hccf.org.au) and they will pass on your details to the Referees Club, so you can be contacted and spoken with about what is required to officiate in HCCF. officials. Match officials are required to be at least 14 to be an Assistant Referee, and 16 to be a Centre Referee. If you are aware of anyone that may be interested in becoming a match official, please do encourage them to contact us.

We once again are looking forward to another great season of football and fellowship in 2024 with hopefully much better weather. We can’t wait to see you all out at the grounds.


James Smith
Hunter Christian Churches Football