Team Managers

Team Managers
Team Managers hold a key position in the Club and are the primary liaison channel between the Club Committee, teams, players and parents.
There are several important resources to help Team Managers with their work:
o the 2019 FFV Club Handbook; and
o the 2019 Brunswick Zebras Team Managers Handbook.
It is also improtant for Team Managers to be at least generally accross key club policies, especially our Child Safety Policy.
Team managers should alsways feel free to contact a Committee Member for advice and assistance.
FV Club Handbook
Football Victoria have produced a club handbook which answers many questions about the practical application of FFV Rules of Competition on club match day operations.  It is complementary to the Brunswcik Zebras Club Handbook.
It is a great resource before and on match day and includes hotline telephone numbers.
It is essential reading and reference for Team Managers.
Go HERE to reference the 2019 FFV Club Handbook.
Team Managers Handbook
The Brunswick Zebras Team Managers Handbook contains a wealth of information on the many areas that the Team Manager deals with on a weekly and seasonal basis.
Topics covered include:
x  weekly duties;
x  match day duties;
x  using Sports TG.
The Brunswick Zebras Team Managers Handbook is available above.

Has a referee been appointed for my match?

To find if you have an appointed referee click HERE on Friday.  This will give you a great long list of matches which have appointed referees.

Rather than going through the long list to find your match you should click on the blue top of the "Home Team" column - this will sort the list in alphabetical order by club.  

You can then look to see if your match at that ground has a referee appointed.  

If your home match does not have an official referee then you need to source an appropriate club person early to be your referee.



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