Code of Conduct

The STM Storm Basketball Club have a strict Code of Conduct, in accordance with Basketball Victoria requirements, which it expects all players, parents, spectators, coaches and administrators to observe.

Please refer to the attached PDF document to view the club's full Codes of Conduct and member declaration. 


All players are expected to demonstrate good sporting behaviour. In addition, players must:

  • Lead by example.
  • Play by the rules.
  • Treat referees in a courteous manner and abide by their decisions.
  • Play for your team and not for yourself.
  • Treat your coach, team-mates, referees and opponents with respect.
  • Play for the enjoyment of the game and not just to please parents and coaches.
  • Be prepared to lose sometimes.
  • Listen to the advice of your coach and try to apply it at practice and in games.
  • Always respect the use of facilities and equipment provided.
  • Phone your team manager if unable to play.
  • Arrive on game day 10 minutes prior to the start of play.


Children play organised sport for fun. They are not playing for the entertainment of others, nor are they miniature professionals. The club expects all parents and spectators to:

  • Lead by example.
  • Encourage your children to participate for their own interest and enjoyment, not yours.
  • Encourage children to always play by the rules.
  • Teach children that an honest effort is more important than a victory.
  • Focus on developing skills and playing the game therefore reducing the emphasis on winning.
  • Applaud good performance and efforts by your team and the opponents.
  • Positively reinforce your child’s and team’s efforts.
  • Respect the official’s decision. If you have an issue to raise please follow the appropriate channel. i.e. discuss your concerns with the Team Manager, Committee Rep, Coach or Club President.
  • Recognise the value and importance of all volunteers. They give their time and resources to provide recreational activities for the children.
  • Condemn the use of verbal abuse or violence in any form.
  • Demonstrate appropriate social behaviour.
  • Advise your team manager if your child is unable to attend a practice session or game.
  • Always respect the use of facilities and equipment provided.


  •  Your behaviour and comments should be positive and supportive.
  • Lead by example.
  • Remember that basketball is for enjoyment.
  • Be reasonable in your demands.
  • Teach understanding and respect for the rules.
  • Give all players an equal amount of court time regardless of skill level.
  • Develop team respect for the ability of opponents including their coaches.
  • Instil in your players respect for officials and an acceptance of their judgement.
  • Guide your players in their interaction with parents and spectators.
  • Ensure that equipment and facilities meet safety standards.
  • Be prepared to lose.
  • Act responsibly when players are ill or injured.
  • As well as imparting knowledge and skills, promote desirable personal & social behaviours.
  • Keep your knowledge current.
  • Ensure that any physical contact with a player is appropriate.
  • Avoid personal relationships with players.
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person.
  • Always respect the use of facilities and equipment.


  • Lead by example.
  • Involve others in planning, leadership, evaluation & decision making related to basketball.
  • Give all people equal opportunities to participate.
  • Create pathways for people to participate and develop through the sport not just as players but as coaches and administrators.
  • Ensure that the rules, equipment, length of games and training schedules are modified to suit the age, ability and maturity level of players.
  • Provide quality supervision, instruction and a safe environment for all players.
  • Help coaches and officials highlight appropriate behaviour and skill development.
  • Assist all participants in basketball to know and understand the rules.
  • Ensure a copy of this Handbook is provided to the officials, parents, coaches and players and encourage them to read and follow it.
  • You set an example. Your behaviour and comments should be positive and supportive.
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person.
  • Always respect the use of facilities and equipment provided.


In the event that a player/parent/coach or administrator is reported for misconduct, the reprimand will be by way of a caution, (unless the President & Committee feel that further disciplinary action should be imposed).

In the event of a subsequent reported incident, a repercussion, including a period of suspension will be at the discretion of the Committee.


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