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  • The preferred number of players in each team is 8. Sometimes, at the Coordinator’s discretion, teams may be allocated 7 or 9 players.
  • The coach may introduce new players to the team on a “fill-in” basis to avoid a forfeit or on a “regular” basis to make up the preferred number of players. Coaches should ensure that “fill-in” players are eligible to play in the competition and that Parent Volunteers correctly enters their name on the Stadium Scoring. For new “regular” players the Teams and Coaching Coordinator must sanction their allocation to a team.
  •  “Fill-in” players must not have played for another club at Willetton in the previous 6 months. If already a Jets player they must not be playing at the same or higher level than the team they are filling in for. If “filling-in” for a higher grade players must be turning the eligible age for that division in the next calendar year, e.g a 12s player filling in for 14s this year must be in the higher age bracket of the 12s age group. Note that players can only play a maximum of 4 games in higher divisions than they are currently registered.
  • Representative Player Cap rules must be observed when fill-in players are required
  • Let me know of any inaccuracies on the team list OR if any player is no longer playing. 


  • Training venues and times are arranged through the Teams and Coaching Coordinator. Venues cannot be booked directly by coaches.
  • Training venues are usually cancelled during school holidays. If you want to train your team during the holidays please contact the Teams and Coaching Coordinator.


  • A Property Manager allocates basketballs to coaches. Once allocated, the coach is responsible for the care and return of the basketballs at the end of the season.
  • Indoor basketballs MUST NOT be used outdoors and basketballs should NEVER be kicked or deliberately bounced with force against the floor or walls.
  • All teams that train will be allocated 4 basketballs by the club.
  • Basketball sizes are: Under 10s and 12 s – Size 5; Under 14 - Size 6; Girls Under 16 and 18 –Size 6; Boys Under 16 and 18 – Size 7.
  • Teams must provide their own game warm-up balls. 


  • The correct Club uniform must be worn for all games. The uniform comprises a club playing top that is "loaned" to a player for each game and Willetton Stadium shorts which can only be purchased at the Stadium. The other team is awarded 5 points for each incorrect uniform.
  • Players should also wear comfortable sports footwear with non-marking soles, and socks.
  • It is a Willetton Stadium rule that playing tops are required to be "tucked into" shorts.
  • If the team plays another Jets team one team is to play in the "reversible" white. If the teams play each other more than once in a season teams should take it in turns to wear the alternate white. (WBA by-laws state that the first named team on the fixture must wear the alternate tops) 


  • When parents register their children to play with the Jets Basketball Club they agree to abide by the rules of the Club. All Club officials, coaches, players and parents are expected to abide by our general code of conduct. 
  • Due to an increasing number of "sport rage" incidents the club has introduced a "Coach's Pledge". If you haven't already done so, please read, sign, return and implement this document.
  • The Willetton Stadium has what is termed a "Mercy Rule" which means that if teams are winning by 20 points or more they are not permitted to play defence in their own front court after they score or when the opposition gains possession of the ball from the base line or sideline.
  • Rather than just line players up at half court when the “Mercy Rule’ is used there are a number of preferred ways to give the opposition a “sporting” chance – e.g. players to pass the ball a certain number of times in the back court, then the front court, before shooting, and/or opposite hand lay- ups on fast break opportunities, and/or fall back to 3 point line, then pick up players, and so on. 


  • A Parent Volunteer, usually a parent of one of the players, is appointed for each team. It is up to you as coach to find a suitable Parent Volunteer from your team. 
  • Parent Volunteer Guidelines are available on this web site if you need information regarding their duties. 


  • All players should be given reasonable court time IN EVERY GAME and it is a club requirement that over a season this should equate to EQUAL court time.
  • Our Club policy is that Coaches should also rotate players to start the game so that players don't develop a "starting five" or "bench player" attitude.
  • Court time may vary depending on attitude and general behaviour where coaches may, with discretion, use court time for disciplinary reasons
  • If unsure what is appropriate please discuss with the Teams and Coaching Coordinator.


  • The Jets Basketball Club is a Healthway “Healthy Club” and a “Good Sports” Club – meaning that we promote safe and healthy participation in sport and promote the responsible consumption and serving of alcohol. Please read and apply our ‘Healthy Club and Good Sports’ Policy 
  • Coaches, as role models, should be aware of and apply sport safe practices and encourage healthy lifestyles to ensure enjoyable and safe participation in the game of basketball. Smoking by coaches in the presence or view of players during training, games or club events is not appropriate and consuming alcohol at training or games is not permitted.
  • Coaches should be aware of potential safety hazards in basketball, encourage adequate fluid intake, incorporate warm up, stretching and cool down routines into training sessions and show care in the health and fitness of players.
  • The use of mouth guards is strongly encouraged.



  • The Club has a budget for coaches' development and each year we arrange a number of activities to improve the coaching standards in our Club.
  • We have coaching links available; we pay the cost of coaches attending accreditation courses and sometimes have coaching forums.
  • Coaches' attendance at coaching forums is strongly encouraged so that we can meet our objective to develop our Club to its full potential and offer our players up to date coaching skills and methods.


  • Coaches should read the Willetton Junior Basketball By-laws and Code of Conduct – see WBA - Junior By-Laws, the “Willetton Way” and special rules for 8s and 10s especially the rules relating to the eligibility of players, team responsibilities, and specially modified rules for younger age groups 
  • Working with Children” or Police Clearances and a Member Protection Declaration are necessary as required by legislation and WBA policy. 


Have fun!

Rob Heron

Teams and Coaching Coordinator  - 0422 705 840 (Mob)

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