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Head Coach - Glenn Meredith

23 June 2014 Newsletter #15 now available ...

Hi All, this is our last newsletter before we head off to the States on Saturday 28th June.  .......

Australian Men's Lacrosse Team - Game Results  -  We will be showcasing results across as many different resources as practical.

Our key focus will be to update all supporters through - Australian Mens Lacrosse Squad 2014 | Facebook This is the name of our Facebook page and if you are not a member of the Facebook community that’s OK because you can still view results, see uploaded content and images. If you want to interact, leave messages of support or comment on results you will need to join the Facebook community.  You can access the page by typing this address into yourbrowser    

We will also aim to give game updates on twitter, great for short messages and instant updates.You can follow us  @AusLax2014  You don’t have to join twitter to view the content

Game Schedule - Blue Division  The Sharks will compete in the Blue Division. their opponents, America, Canada, England, Japan and Iroquois Nations. Game times presented here are Denver time (USA, Colorado). Conversion can be calculated at

Thursday 10th July

5pm Opening Ceremony 

USA v Canada 7.00 pm

Friday 11th July 

Australia v Japan 5.00 pm

England v Iroquois Nationals 8.00 pm

Saturday 12th July 

Japan v Iroquois Nationals 2.00 pm

Australia v USA 5.00 pm

Canada v England 8.00 pm

Sunday 13th July 

England v Australia 2.00 pm

USA v Japan 5.00 pm

Iroquois Nationals v Canada 8.00 pm

Monday 14th July 

Japan v Canada 2.00 pm

England v USA 5.00 pm

Iroquois Nationals v Australia 8.00 pm

Tuesday 15th July 

Japan v England 2.00 pm

USA v Iroquois Nationals 5.00 pm

Canada v Australia 8.00 pm

Wednesday 16th July

Quarterfinal  (Teams 3-4 in the Blue Division advance to play-in games)

Thursday 17th July  (Teams 1-2 in the Blue Division play the play-in game winners)


Friday 18th July

Place Games

Saturday 19th July 

Championship Game

For more Championship information

18 March 2014 Final Team Selected

On behalf of the Coaching staff and Team personal we are delighted to announce the final 23 and 3 alternates that will represent us in Denver in July this year (under team list on this page)

This has been one of the most difficult teams to select in my life with so many great players to pick from. Ultimately though we have selected 23 and 3 alternate players that are coachable, focused, driven and fit the pieces of the puzzle we are looking for as a group.

We had some success in Japan yes, and our fitness is to a point now where we did not concede one goal in transition to the Japanese team and that is pleasing but the bar will be raised higher again now and l know the players will respond like they have all the way through this 30 month journey.

For the 23 athletes selected, you are now our 2014 Aussie Sharks boys and you have earned the right to great respect by your peers, but the work is not over, there is a new more demanding fitness program out now for you to respect even more ....

Glenn Meredith  -  Head Coach

25 January 2014 Message from Glenn Meredith, Head Coach

After a long and extremely precise training program the Australian Men's 2014 Lacrosse squad takes off for Japan tomorrow for the final and most difficult part of the selection process as the final 23 and 3 alternates will be selected from this trip. 
I played in Japan in the first Australian team to go there in 1989 and this is now a full circle journey for me to return as Head Coach in 2014.
What's ahead of us Japan is 50% unknown but I do know that we are fit, confident and every player will bring everything they have to the contest as us Aussies always do. 
Good luck to you all boys, I'm sure every body like me is backing you all the way.

Dimboola camp rated by players and coaches as one of the most successful in the lead up to the July World Championship, more detail soon to be available in Newsletter #12 

The Aussie Sharks lacrosse Team also welcome the support of LION -  a leading beverage and food company, Grab + Grind for their generous support in the lead up to the International friendly games in Tokyo, Japan and Vizual Edge - winning is in sight.

With the days running by very quickly in the lead up to the World Championship the Aussie Sharks lacrosse Team need your support even more, get behind your favourite squad member as he trains to make the final cut, assist with a fundraising function in Victoria, South Australia or West Australia, consider assisting the team with a cash donation. The final team will be announced following the Japan Tour ... stay tuned for updates as the team progresses to the World Championship.

Tear Away to Tassie - congratulations Graeme Squire, winner of the Beachs 'n Greens holiday experience. The Sharks would like to thank Rod Stone for his support of the team with the donation of the prize in our "Tear Away to Tassie" raffle - you can visit here

The 2014 Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL) World Championship will open with a bang.

As many as 40 nations are expected to compete in the 2014 FIL World Championship, which will be run by US Lacrosse. That would easily surpass the previous record for the number of nations competing in the world championship. A total of 29 nations competed at the 2010 men’s world championship. The final lineup of teams will not be complete until early 2014, but the FIL has released the Blue Division Schedule, which features the top six teams from the 2010 championship:

For more Championship information

Melbourne Camp - March 2013

The Australian 2014 squad players from around the Country gathered on March 23rd at Altona, Melbourne for a 3 day camp in which they were subjected to skin fold tests, sprint tests, beep tests and specific drills to the style of play we are looking for from here.

We also ran series of lacrosse games at different levels of intensity which we organised by reducing and increasing bench sizes of each team. We were keen to see player reactions and responses when challenged by physical fatigue using smaller teams and then changed to larger teams with greater on field mental intensity as with teams of 23 that are in a World Championship.

At the camp we commenced our tactical side and the players now have the start of what will develop into more precise attack, defence and midfield patterns heading to Denver and position description documents were also handed to all players to go over at their leisure. It is extremely important for players to stay up to speed with the style of play we will be using in Denver to not only enhance their prospects of making the final team but the teams ultimate success in the World Championships as well.

With all that has been in the headlines regarding supplements in sport this year we took the time of also explaining about supplements and there role in sport with a half hour talk from Ted Polgaze on the subject and hope all players now have a better understanding of the supplement situation.

The weekend included a squad dinner at Williamstown R.S.L, a beach recovery session at sunny Williamstown beach on the Saturday and another recovery session at Altona Pool on the Sunday.

On Friday the 5th of April squad members will be receiving their individual player assessments including fitness results, we will also be releasing players from the squad at this point with the ongoing players to be announced the following Friday evening under the squad link on this site.

Attention all Squad members there is a new fitness and weights program to follow.

Dedication - Attitude - Team - Skill

Glenn Meredith | Head Coach - Australian Men’s Lacrosse Team 2014


Australian Men’s National Lacrosse Team - Signs Deal with Maverik/Cascade Lacrosse 

New York — Maverik Lacrosse and Cascade Lacrosse are proud to announce its partnership with the Australian Men’s National Lacrosse Team for the 2014 World Championship in Denver. Australia will be receiving custom designed Maverik equipment while Cascade will be outfitting the team with custom helmets. Australia is currently ranked third in the world, behind the United States and Canada, and is hard at work preparing for Denver. For the latest gear, news and updates on the Australian Men’s National Lacrosse Team and their preparation for the World Championship check out the team web site 

"I am really excited about our newly formed partnership between Maverik Lacrosse, Cascade Sports and the 2014 Australian Men’s Lacrosse team," said Glenn Meredith, Head Coach of the Australian Men’s National Team. “All Australian Men’s players competing at the elite level of the FIL 2014 Men’s Lacrosse World Championship in Denver will now be using the best lacrosse equipment in the World. It will be fantastic journey working with such a dedicated and professional group as the Maverik family.

The Denver World Championship will be an amazing experience for all involved.”

You can review the announcements at 

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