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2020/21 season positions are as below

                                     President                            Richard Westwood

                                     Vice President                     Scott Newsum

                                     Secretary                            Rachhelle Holland

                                     Treasurer                            Sharni Westwood

                                     Umpires coordinator            Carmen Wadley

                                     Registrar                            Ruth Saltmarsh/Andrew                                                                                          Gleeson

                                     Public officer                      

                                     General Committee              Will Bryan, Joshua Newsum, Coby Cook, Andrew Gleeson, Kade Howe, Nicole Rubenach, Craig Eastley, 

Please indicate if you are interested /willing to fill any of the committee positions.




Player Approval Request Form

Bad Bench Form

Injury Report Form



Council have requested that we make this for available to all members.

 Facility Hire agreement

Any teams or individual wishing to hire the complex for training is required to complete this form and provide it to the Meander Valley Council prior to using the facility. each participant is required to be registered with Basketball Tasmania for insurance purposes.



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