Contact Details

Contact Name :
Glenn Meredith
Phone number :
0425 806 720


Murray Keen - Asst Coach- Defence

M 0411 592 116


Peter Brown – Asst Coach- Attack

M 0418 856 153


Chris Baker – Asst Coach - Midfield

M 0424 484 937


Phil Ackland- Statistician

M 0411 420 456


Rod Ansell - Team Analyst

M 0419 683 407


Rick Tillotson - Physiotherapist



Ted Polglaze – Sports Scientist

M 0403 808 064


Stuart Cormack – Strength & Conditioning Sports Scientist

M 0418 323 915


Romy Ansell - Team Masseur

M 0429 149 538


John Keesing - Team Manager

M 0437 968 766


Karen Meredith - Finance Manager

M 0411 857 787


Greg Hamilton - Sponsorship & Fundraising Coordinator

M 0449 179 349

Notice Board

 Sharks are now active and with the birds .... tweet your support @AusLax2014


All 2014 Team personnel would like to thank the Gold and Green sponsors of the 2014 Men's program. We are very fortunate to have such great lacrosse people and organisations backing us all the way to Denver ... join the Supporters Club today, contact us for details on how you can become a personal supporter of the Aussie Sharks in 2014 from as little as $100.


Graham Hobbs - Eureka Group

Fortrend Securities


Dimboola Memorial Secondary College

Lion - Matt Windsor

Mark Stephen

Crows Lacrosse Club - SA Past Players Association


Jock Garnsworthy

Colin Broz

Jan Walters

Wendel Litchfield

Mark Graham

Deb Graham

Mary Pickett

Colin Pickett

Rob Morriss

Tim Forbes

Bob Carter

Scott Morris

Sharon Morris

Ian McRae

Graham Gal

Francine Gal

Tyson Caulfield

Nicholas Graham

Ben Hitchins

Mal Hamilton - In Memory

Cameron Blair

Murray Gates

Kylie Cockman

Kelvin Minerds

Shane Taylor

Jennifer Taylor

Michael Gates

Joe Forster

Freddie Forster

Noel & Carol Gilbert

Victorian Past Players Association

Alan Gandy

Robert Speakman

Bill Taylor

Dick Morgan

Fleming Family


Elaine Nyberg

Team Hyde 3

Team Hyde 2

Team Hyde 1

Mitchel Baker

Sue Robinson

Stephen Robinson

Dave Mack

Gordon Elder

Colin McRae

Ben McRae

Luke McRae

Salmon Plumbing & Gas

Shobbrook Family

N Jeffrey

Leighton Beamsley

Graham Reid

Bruce Freeman

LW & MF Taylor

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