A fantastic day was had at the 33rd Annual Goulburn Campaspe Junior Football League Carnival on Sunday 19 May at Rochester Recreation Reserve

Games started at 9am with the Under 12 Age group, followed by the Under 13 and 14 then finished with the last game at 4.40pm of the Under 16.

“We welcomed Seymour District JFNL into the Under 12 which took the age group to 5 teams.” GCJFL President Paul Shortis Commented.

“A total of 26 shortened matches were played between the GCJFL, Shepparton DJFL, Seymour DJFNL, MFNL, Central Victorian Academy Teams across the Under 12, 14 and 16 age groups while the Under 13 single match was played between rivals SheppDJFL and GCJFL totalling 27 games.” continued Paul.

“We were able to see the various talent from the region on display with some great contests had!”




Under 12

Central Vic Blue                12pts

Central Vic Gold                              8.5

Shepparton DJFL              7.5

Seymour DJFNL                6.5

Goulburn Camp JFL         1.5

Winning Coach               

Rowan Warfe (Central Vic Blue)

Player of the Carnival    

Finlay Lockhart (Central Vic Blue)


Under 13

Shepparton DJFL 11.9 – 75 defeated Goulburn Campaspe JFL 2.0 – 12

Winning Coach               

Terence Tuohey (SheppDJFL)

Player of the Carnival   

Mitch Grumley (SheppDJFL)


Under 14

Shepparton DJFL              16pts

MFL Black                          11

Goulburn Camp JFL         8

SeymourDJFNL                  5

MFL Green                         4

Winning Coach               

Mick Byrne & Brad Dowling (SheppDJFL)

Player of the Carnival    

Manny Laulu (SheppDJFL)


Under 16            

SheppDJFL16                    11.5pts

Murray FL                          7.5

SheppDJFL 15                    5

SeymourDJFNL                  0

Winning Coach              

Paul McInneny (SheppDJFL 16)

Player of the Carnival    

Josh Rachele (SheppDJFL 16)