Basketball in Deloraine began in the mid 1950’s. Its founder Mr. George Cohen, returned to Deloraine after the war where he set about encouraging a group of men to share his enthusiasm for the sport. In 1959, Mr. Cohen passed the administration of the men competition on to a willing group of players – B. Arnold, D. Woodberry, K. Bowles, R. Webb, C Tuthill, P. Smith, G. Morice and L. Simpson – while he set about establishing a women’s competition which he ran single handedly for many years.

To start a women’s competition, Mr. Cohen took 5 girls to Ashley where he taught them the fundamentals of the game in a single session. These five B. Bowles (nee Barrett), H. Scott (nee Barrett), M. Tracey (nee Trott), H. Francombe (nee Bussey, nee Scott) and R Westone, formed the basis of a five team competition. Helen Scott was still playing in the Association’s “A Reserve” competition when the 21’st Anniversary was celebrated in 1987/88. In the early days, Mr. Cohen was very strict with the girls. He even had to guarantee their mothers that they would not be allowed outside the hall.

Details of these early years are very sketchy, but we do know it was a struggle as the small picture theatre was used and not many people were really interested. On hour of playing time had to be set aside to arrange to baskets and cover the windows in case of damage. Because the hall was so small, only four players were allowed on the court at a time.

After the Community Centre was built, both Associations began the 1966 roster there and the basketball improved immensely, with the two Associations amalgamating in 1972.

During the 20 years in the Community Centre, there have been many changes from scoring with a mechanical clock and tin flip-over scores, to an electronic digital scoreboard showing scores, times and fouls. Wooden backboards were replaced be Perspex boards and a 3 point line introduced.

Team numbers increased dramatically (in 1987/88 to 39 teams), with the competition going from two nights a week to four nights. Standard of play improved and teams were looking for halls to train in. Thus came the need for a new venue with facilities to play, train, hold tournaments and exhibition games and expand the growing junior competition.

The new Deloraine Community Complex was officially opened in 7 January 1988 with two full size courts.

In 2016 the Association remains strong with 41 completing the 2015/16 season over three men’s and three women’s grades.  

There is an increasing desire to see some renovations to the Community Complex Stadium to address runoff, seating and other issues within the stadium.

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