Netball Rules



Equipment:  size 5 Netball, positional  bibs.  HOST  SCHOOL is to provide safety padding for posts


Players: Each team shall consist of 7 on court players plus interchange players

·      Girls         Max 10 players  (strongest most experienced players)  Will feed into Division (girls)

·      Mixed 'A'  Max 10 players  (girls & boys & may be all boys or *all girls*)  Will feed into Division (boys)

·      Mixed 'B'  Max 10 players  (any mix of girls or boys)  Does not proceed to Division play-off.

NOTE:  There is no limit or restriction to the number or placement of boys within Mixed 'A ' or 'B' team.
               The mixed 'A' team must have at least one boy on court at all times. (SSV Rule change 2015)
              *An all girls teams participating in the Mixed 'A' stream cannot proceed to Division play-off*


Except for injury all interchanges should be made during 1 / 4 time breaks
Mouthguards are highly recommended (SSV), schools may elect to make them compulsory.
If wearing shorts  NO  POCKETS.  (tape them closed)


Game Duration:  Will depend on the number or courts available and bus travel. Preferably each team will play 4 x 10 minute quarters



1. All players on court shall wear positional bibs

2.  For safety reasons, ALL JEWELLERY MUST BE REMOVED  before the start of the match
     Jewellery is best removed & stored safely at school prior to going to BDS sport activities
     If ear studs cannot be removed, they must be taped & checked by the teacher / umpire

3.  Movement or breaking before the centre pass whistle should be penalised  = BREAKING          

4.  A player with or without the ball  is OFFSIDE if she / he enters an area other than their own.  They may reach over and take the ball from an offside area providing they do not touch the offside ground.  Penalty:  free pass to the opposing team   If two players go offside together, neither in contact with the ball:  No penalty.  If both are in contact with the ball     a `toss up' is taken in their own area.

5. The ball is OUT OF COURT if it touches the ground outside the court, touches an object or person in contact with the ground outside the court.  Penalty:  thrown in to opposition team.  A ball which hits any part of the goal post and rebounds into play is not out of court.  A player in contact with the ball is out of court when the ground outside is touched or any object or person outside the court is touched.  A player having no contact with the ball may stand or move out of court but before playing the ball the player must re-enter the court and no longer have contact with the ground out of court.

6. OUT  of  COURT  PENALTY  PASS  Players must wait for 'play' call from umpire before in-bounding the ball.
  Used with discretion to assist new players.

7.  A player may catch the ball with one or both hands, gain or regain control of the ball if it rebounds off the goal post, pat or bounce the ball to another player without first having possession of it.  A player may tip the ball in an uncontrolled manner once or more than once wither and then catch the ball or redirect it to another player.  Having batted or bounced the ball once the player may catch it or redirect it to another player.  A player may roll the ball to oneself to gain possession, fall while holding the ball but must regain footing and throw within four seconds of receiving the ball, lean on the ball to prevent going off-side, lean on the ball on court to gain balance, jump from a position in contact with the court and play the ball outside ball outside the court provided that either player nor ball make contact with the ground or any object or person outside the court while the ball is being played.

8.  A player may not:  deliberately kick the ball, strike the ball with a fist,  deliberately fall on the ball in order to gain possession,  attempt to play the ball whilst lying, sitting or kneeling on the ground,  drop or bounce the ball and replay it,  Players may not use the goal post as a support to stop the ball going off court or to regain balance.  Players cannot throw the ball and play it before it has been touched by another player.

9.  A SHORT PASS shall be called if there is insufficient room for a third player to move between the hands of the thrower and the receiver.  The ball shall not be thrown  OVER A COMPLETE THIRD  without being touched or caught by a player who at the time of touching or catching is wholly within that third or who landed in that third.

10.   A player may receive the ball with one foot grounded or jump to catch and land on one foot and then , step with the other foot in any direction, lift the landing foot and throw or shoot before their foot is regrounded:  step with the other foot in any direction any number of times, pivoting on the landing foot,  the pivoting foot may be lifted but the player must throw or shoot before regrounding it:  jump from the landing foot onto the other foot and jump again throw the ball or shoot before regrounding either foot:  step with the other foot and jump but must throw the ball or shoot before regrounding either foot.  A player may receive the ball with both feet grounded or jump to catch the ball and land on both feet simultaneously and then, step with either foot in any direction, lift the other foot and throw or shoot before this foot is regrounded:  step with either foot in any direction any number of times pivoting on the other:  jump from both feet onto either foot but must throw or shoot before regrounding the other:  step with either foot and jump but must throw or shoot before regrounding either foot.  Players in possession of the ball may not:  drag or slide the landing foot, hop on either foot, jump from both feet and land on both feet, unless the ball has been released before landing.

11.  To SCORE A GOAL the goal shooter or goal attack may shoot a goal from anywhere within the goal circle including the lines, however, in taking a shot for goal a player shall have no contact with the ground outside the circle either during catching of the ball or    whilst holding it.  If any other player throws through the goal ring, no goal is scored and play continues.  A goal shooter or goal attack may shoot for goal or pass the ball if the ball is won in the goal circle.

12.  A FREE  PASS  is awarded for infringement of the rules on the court, the ball may be taken by any player in the opposing team allowed in the section ( except for Contact and Obstruction)

13.  A THROW IN  is taken with the player standing outside the court as close as possible without standing on the line at the point where the Umpire indicates that the ball went out.

14.  A TOSS  UP   is taken between opposing players who stand facing each other and their own goals, at a distance of .9m between the nearer foot of each.  Their arms must be straight and hands to the side but feet in any position.  They shall not move until the whistle is blown.  If one player moves too soon a free pass is awarded to the opposing team.

15.  A player may attempt to intercept the ball being thrown provided that the nearer foot is .9m from the throwers nearer foot.  The defending player may not step forward to shorten the distance OBSTRUCTION

16.  No player shall come into personal contact with an opponent in such a manner as to interfere with the opponent's play either accidentally or deliberately.

17.  Players are not permitted to wear any jewellery.  Long fingernails must be taped.

18.  2008  It is expected that all BDS schools will provide padding for all netball posts used for BDS Inter-School Sport.  (2x courts = 4x posts)  Failure to supply padding will result in cancellation of the game and school who failed to supply the necessary padding shall forfeit all points

19.  The `MERCY RULE' shall apply after a team has established a lead of 12 goals.  The leading team must rotate either their `goal shooter' or `goal attack' (who ever has scored the most points) to an alternative position or interchange.  This is to be organised at the next available break in play or centre pass.  If the lead extends to 20 points, the game is over, players/teams are mixed together and a social game is played for the remaining time.

Refer to School Sport Victoria web site  for examples of team sheet, playing positions and score sheets