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Debby Wall

The S.S.V. Bentleigh District Schools strive to provide the best sporting experience for all involved.

* Please note - all  enquiries from  parents  should  firstly  be  directed  to  your  child's  school.

Good  luck  &  have  fun

     ~  SSV  Bentleigh  District  Code of Behaviour ~ 
As per School Sport Victoria's 'Conditions of Competition' rules,
all players, teams, staff, coaches, spectators etc participating in, or attending 
the BDS activities must abide by the SSV Code of Behaviour at all times. 
Breaches of the Code of Behaviour will result in suspension of individuals / teams or disqualification.

'We strive to provide a positive sport experience for all involved'

School Sport Victoria (SSV) actively promotes school sport for all Victorian school students, years 4 to 12, as a means of supporting schools in developing their students’ health and well being. SSV operates under the auspices of the Department of Education and Training. Membership of School Sport Victoria is open to all Victorian schools, providing the opportunities to participate in programs that extends from grassroots intra and inter school sport, to district, division, region, conference, state and national levels. Students attending schools affiliated with SSV are eligible for selection in Victorian Teams to compete in School Sport Australia National Championships.
Parents considering nominating a child for a state team should firstly
consult with their school-based Sport Coordinator as soon as possible 
& regularly check the School
Sport Victoria