Sof-crosse Rules


  standard Sof-crosse sticks and balls. Schools will need to bring own supply of sticks
                      Schools also need to negotiate provision of goals.  
                      Mouthguards are highly recommended (SSV), schools may elect to make them compulsory.


Teams:   two mixed teams,  graded in skill `A' ( = better) and `B'


Players:  7 Players on the field = 2 Defenders, remain behind the centre line + 2 Attackers, remain in front on centre line + 3 Midfielders who may run anywhere
                  Maximum of 4 substitutes per team, maximum team of 11.


Match Duration:  Will depend on the number of grounds and goals available.  10 minute 1/4 if available  or  15 min 1/2



Field:  The field should be no smaller than 50m x 25m,  preferably 60 x 30m. The centre line must be marked clearly



Interchange:  Players can be moved or interchanged at any stoppage of play, however no more than 7 players are permitted on the ground at any one time. 

                       There is no limit to the number of player changes

Please note:  BDS Premiership Sof-crosse teams do not participate in SSV play-off.




1.  No STICK CHECKS or stick contact

2.  No BODY CONTACT. Any over-guarding (stick past vertical) rough, deliberatecontactor aggression
     PENALTY: Free Throw

3.  Only ONE  PLAYER from each team may contest the ball

4.  No `HOCKEY HITTING' , or covering (caging) of the ball.  Draw back is OK

5.  The stick cannot be used to interfere with or obstruct another player

6.  There is no goal keeper in sof-crosse. Players may not `GOAL  TEND' or guard the goal. 
     Players are not allowed to stand within 1.5m (one arms length) of goal face (inside markers)
     Players are permitted to stand to the side and reach or block with their sticks. 
 PENALTY: If player has interfered with clear goal, the goal is awarded 
     If the shot would have missed possession is maintained by attacking team because of goal tending

7.  KICKING   Players may kick the ball once during ground level contest.

8.  Players must keep TWO HANDS on the stick at all times when contesting the ball.

9.  There must be 3 THROWN PASSES / POSSESSIONS before the team can shoot a goal.  Any touch or catch by the opposition team cancels the count
NOTE this action does not count as a THROW:  Sharing the ball with a team mate cage to cage, not thrown clear of their stick is not counted as a PASS

10. Players may have POSSESSION of the ball for 5 seconds only

11. Loose or contested ball. When competing for a ground ball or pass, only one player from each team may contest simultaneously for possession of the ball. PENALTY: Free Throw if 2 players from the same team contest (reach) for the loose ball.

12. After a goal is scored, the non-scoring team takes the centre pass for a restart of play.  This is to be an immediate pass, no running / playing on

13. Players are permitted to run as far as they like with the ball, provided they maintain possession for no longer than 4 seconds and do not run into and off-side position.

14. The team will be considered to be in an OFFSIDE position if they have less than two players in their Offensive or Defensive ends.

 15. If the ball goes OUT OF BOUNDS, the opposition teams takes a pass from the boundary line.  No running / playing on.  When  GOAL SHOT is missed and the ball continues out of bounds, the player from defending team is awarded a standing free throw.

16. CENTRE PASS &   FREE THROW When a player is commencing play or awarded a free-throw, all opponents must be at least 4m distance from the player.

17.  The `MERCY RULE' shall apply after a team has established a lead of 10 goals.
      The leading team must pass the ball four times before attempting a shot on goal.  
      If the lead extends to a 15 goal difference, leading team must pass ball five times before shooting.