Soccer Rules


Teams:   1x girls team & 1x boys/mixed team.  Each comprises 11 players, 
                plus  4  substitutions. 
(Maximum of 15 players per team)
Equipment:  Size 4  soccer ball
                      Shinguards are compulsory (SSV)
                      Mouthguards are highly recommended (SSV), schools may elect to make them compulsory

Ground / Pitch: Approx 105m  x  68m
Match  Duration:  2  X  25  minute halves, where possible. Will depend on bus travel and venue availability

SOCCER  2020
There has been a change to SSV Football (Soccer) rules.   SSV have adopted 9v9 format

After much consideration, BDS has elected to not change our current format 11v11 during our District competition.   NOTE: BDS premiership teams progressing to Beachside Division will need to take time to prepare their teams for 9v9 at the next level and beyond


Home team shall have the choice of ends.  Visitors will have the kick-off.  The situation will be reversed in the second half.

To START  THE  GAME:  all players shall be in his / her defending half of the field.  The defending team must be 9m from the ball. The ball must be kicked backwards from the center spot.

Players may be substituted during any break in play.  Unlimited SUBSTITUTIONS can be made through the referee.

Footwear:  Players may only wear plastic studs (screw-in OK).  Coaches are to check footwear prior to each game. 

The ball is OUT  OF  PLAY when it has when it has passed wholly over the line.

A GOAL is scored when the whole of the ball passes over the goal-line, between the goal posts, and under the cross-bar, providing it has been scored legally and not with hand or arm.

Off-side should only be enforced when the off-side player is `influencing' play or makes a play at the ball.  A player is OFF-SIDE if he is nearer the opponents goal line at the moment the ball is played unless:  He is in his own half,  there are two opponents between himself and the goal line, or he received the ball directly from a goal-kick, corner-kick, or throw in.  Children / teams will be given one warning, after which all off-side infringement will be penalised. 

A player committing any of the following offences shall have a FREE KICK awarded against them.   eg:  trip, or tackle from behind, jumps, pushes or charges opponent, or handles the ball.   All free kicks are deemed to be INDIRECT, from which a goal cannot be scored.  Players must stand 9m away.

There shall be no tackles from behind.  Penalty:  Free indirect  kick

There shall be no sliding tackles. The tackling player must remain 'on their feet' and take the ball cleanly with no or  minimal body contact with the opposing player.  Penalty - Free indirect  kick

Any dangerous playing of the ball with a raised foot will be penalized with an indirect free kick.  Playing at the ball with studs exposed and directed towards the player, shall also be deemed to be dangerous play.

The GOAL KEEPER must have executed their kick within the `box' area  (16m).

An IN-DIRECT FREE KICK shall be awarded for any accidental infringements within the box, provided it did not stop a certain goal (see next rule).  The free kick shall be taken by placing the ball on the edge of (18m) line parallel to the goal face.  Players must be 5m away.

PENALTY  KICK  shall be awarded to the attacking team for intentional infringements or unnecessary rough play within the box
(-10m from goal)  e.g.  when a certain goal is stopped illegally by the hands of a defender, undue or illegal tackle etc.. The kick is taken from the penalty  mark 9.5m from goal line.  All other players, except the opposing goal keeper and the nominated kicker shall stand outside the penalty area until after the kick has been taken.  The goal keeper may move along the (marked) line only.  The striker may make only one play at the ball.

PENALTY - All other infringements or penalties outside the box are indirect free kicks. 

GOAL  KICK  is placed on the edge of the larger box area.  Attacking team may not enter the box.  Defending team may be inside the box area, but may not make a play on the ball whilst it is within the larger box area.

When the whole of the ball has passed over the touch-line, it must be returned to play by a THROW  IN  from the opposite team.  The thrower should use both hands and deliver the ball from behind and over his / her head.  There shall be no `decoy' action.  Part of each foot should be touching the ground at the moment of delivery.  A goal cannot be scored directly from a THROW  IN.  An improper throw results in a throw in to the other side. All other players must be 2m away.  Goal Keeper can not use hands or arms if receiving throw-in.

When the whole of the ball passes over the goal-line excluding that part between the goal posts, having been last played by a member of the defending team, the ball is returned to play by a member of the attacking team playing a CORNER  BALL.  The ball shall be placed approx 20m from the nearest side to the goal.  Opposing players must be 9m from the ball.

A DROPPED  BALL is used when a mutual infringement occurs or after a temporary suspension of play (eg injury).  The game is restarted when the referee drops the ball where play was suspended.  One player from each side is selected to play the Drop Ball. The selected two players may not strike at the ball until it has touched the ground.   All other players must be 9m away.

When PASSING  BY  FOOT  TO  `OWN  KEEPER', the goal keeper cannot use their hands.  Penalty for such infringement would be an indirect free kick.

A penalty CORNER shall be awarded to the attacking team if the ball passes over the goal line off a defender.   The ball is to placed on the goal line 5 - 7m from the corner.

The `MERCY RULE' shall apply after a team has established a lead of 5 goals. The trailing team may add one player to the field. If the leading team establishes a lead of 9 or more goals they must remove one player (no replacement).  The player to be removed, shall be nominated by the opposition coach (adult).  The player removed may resume playing when the lead is reduced below the 9 goal difference

 SOCCER  TEAM  LIST  &  SCORE  SHEET - Attached below

Refer to SSV web site  for examples of team sheet, playing positions and score sheets