Basketball Rules

3 Teams:     1x Girls     1x Boys/Mixed 'A'     1x Mixed 'B'

  5 per side with unlimited substitutions.  
                Maximum of 10 players 'A' Girls team
               Maximum of 10 players 'A' Mixed team
               Maximum 11 players 'B' Mixed team

Substitutions:  may be made during any break in play, but must be made through the referee

Match  duration:  2  X  20 minute periods, where possible.

Equipment:  Size  5  basketball.  HOST  SCHOOL is required to provide safety padding for all posts


All jewellery must be removed, children should be appropriately dressed for physical activity.  `Runners' are essential. Shorts without pockets (pockets may be taped)

The game shall start with a toss:  JUMP  BALL,  taken between two players inside the centre circle. 
The remaining players must stand still outside the circle until the ball is tapped.  Players involved in the jump ball must attempt to tap the ball on its downward flight.

The ball is considered OUT OF BOUNDS once it hits something on or outside the boundary lines.  The ball shall be given to the opposition team at the point where it went over the line.

CROSS  COURT  rules applies:  The ball can not  move from the front or offensive end into the back or defensive half of the court.

There shall be NO  THREE  POINT shots  (from outside the arc) at District level, as per School Sport Victoria.

A field goal is scored by a player throwing the ball through their opponents basket. 
Each FIELD  BASKET is worth two points.
After a field goal the opposing team must inbounds the ball from behind the baseline.

A player who is fouled whilst trying to shoot a field goal is awarded two FREE SHOTS from the foul line ( one metre inside key ) 
Each foul shot is worth one point.  If the last foul shot is missed the game goes on as if it were a normal shot,  if it is made the other team passes the ball inbounds from behind the baseline.
If the second foul shot fails to hit any part of the ring, a SHOOTING VIOLATION is called and baseline possession is given to the opposition team.
Players are not allowed to enter the key area until the second shot is made and the ball has left the hands of the shooter.
Penalty: Reshoot the basket or no score.

Offensive or attacking players are allowed to remain for a maximum of FIVE SECONDS  IN  THE  KEY, after which they must move out of key or there is an attempted shot at the basket.

No player may use any form of body contact.  If body contact is made a FOUL is called.  Once a player has five fouls called - they may take no further part in the game.

After a violation or a foul the team getting the ball throws the ball INBOUNDS from behind the sideline nearest to where the violation happened.

A player holding the ball must always keep one of his / her feet on a spot on the floor,  unless they pass, dribble, or shoot.   The player may pivot on their foot.  If the player moves this foot off the spot without dribbling, passing or shooting he / she has committed a  TRAVELLING  VIOLATION and the other team gets the ball from the sideline.

A coach may request  TWO TIME-OUTS  of one minute duration, per half.  Time outs are not permitted in the last three minutes of each half.  If forecasted weather is 30+ (extreme heat)  THREE TIME-OUTS per half.

Full court ‘MAN to MAN’ defence is compulsory 
 for the entire game (unless BDS mercy rule is enforced).
Teams who deliberately play zone defence or a half court or full court press by not picking up a player each or drop back into the key will be penalised with the following: 1st time is a warning, 2nd time offensive team gets ball advanced to a base line throw in, 3rd time coach is awarded a Technical foul.  All penalties awarded by referee.

All children should be directed to drink water regularly throughout the sport session

The `MERCY RULE'  is introduced after a team  has established a lead of 12 points or more.
The leading team must play back court defence (inside 3 point line) 
They may resume full court play if lead reduced inside 12 points. 
After 2 - 3 warnings if teams continue to employ full court defence, when the mercy rule has been invoked: Penalty 2x foul shots.
The supervising referee should activate the `mercy rule'.
The trailing coach should request application of the `mercy rule' if not automatically applied by the umpire / referee; however scores and play cannot be revised.  The `mercy rule' is applied and removed as required, depending on the scores.

An additional 'HALF-TIME MERCY RULE' has been introduced (2013) to address significant score differences, especially if to a zero or nil score. By mutual agreement, if the score is greater than 20 points to nil, the game is declared over / finished. The result and final score will be calculated by doubling the half-time score. School teams will be mixed together to play a social game for the duration of the second half.

2008  It is expected that all BDS schools will provide padding for all basketball posts used for BDS Inter-School Sport.  (2x courts = 4x posts)  Failure to supply padding will result in cancellation of the game and school who failed to supply the necessary padding shall forfeit all points


TO  BE  CONFIRMED:  Consider the application of the new `JUMPS BALL' = alternating possession rule. 

Refer to School Sport Victoria web site for examples of team sheet, playing positions and score sheets

BASKETBALL  SCORE  SHEET - Attached  below