Cricket Rules


Players:  Cricket Mixed:  12 players on field, maximum of 14 players per squad.        
Teams may substitute fielders at the end of the over.

Match Duration:  Schools are asked to ensure cricket teams are dropped off first & picked up last = max playing time
     *  Preferrably12 overs as determined by the time available  
Accurate scoring records must be kept because on all occasions it may be necessary to count back overs.
     *  All scoring information must be shared with other staff member at the conclusion of the matches
    *  Second innings:  Regardless of the scores, teams should always complete equal innings, if time permits
     *  Where uneven innings is unavoidable, run average per over will be used to determine the winner 
Home & away games, the home team will `pad-up' to bat first   
Finals, a toss will take place prior to the games

     *  Fusion Ball  (
Kookaburra plya ball is no longer available)   
     *  The wearing of protective gear is compulsory 
The pitch shall be 18.5m .  (20 yards, Equivalent of seniors crease to crease)

# Please note changes to 2017 BDS weekly Inter-School Summer Sport program. 
We have elected to have only one cricket team & returned to more traditional rules. 
In an effort to maintain participation numbers we have added a mixed basketball team.

Cricket not longer progresses to the next level (Beachside Division) 

Bowlers may bowl a maximum of 3 overs each

Teams will therefore need 4 or more bowlers per game

GAME  SET  UP - Where possible or appropriate, a boundary should be clearly marked
Home team - will commence batting. 
   Visiting team - will commence fielding (should get prepared whilst travelling to venue)
   To save time, teams will bowl with their own ball from the same end each over.

All children should be directed to drink water regularly throughout the sport session

PROTECTIVE  EQUIPMENT  of helmet, box,  gloves and both leg pads are compulsory for all batters. The wearing of 2x pads, helmet, gloves and box by the wicket keeper is also compulsory.

RESTRICTED  FIELDING  ZONE  applies for both `A' and `B' teams.  No fielders permitting within 10m of batsman. Refer to SSV web site below.  Field placements cannot be made in the 10m restricted zone until the ball is hit by the batsman, strikes the body or equipment of the batsman, or passes through to the wicket keeper. 

In summary
 - 12 players.  First 2 open the batting, batters replaced 1:1 when given out. 
- All overs are 6 balls.  No additional bowls for WIDES or NO BALLS
 - If teams have less than 12 players, a player may return but can't be 'top' (1st-3rd) batter or bowler
 - Batsman to retire at the end of the over where they make 20 runs.

All OVERs shall consist of six deliveries including no-balls and wides. 
 - There shall be a penalty of two runs for each no-ball or wide.

NO BALL shall be declared if more than one bounce.

NO  BALL shall be declared if front foot of the bowler is planted clearly in front of the popping crease (front line)   
 - When a NO  BALL is declared, two runs are added to the batting team. 


WIDE shall be declared for balls bowled beyond reasonable reach of the batsman. 
 - Two runs are added to the batting team. 

Batters leaving the crease early must be given one clear warning by the Umpire, as requested by the opposition / fielding team before being given out:  MANKADING

LBW decisions will be awarded only if,  in the opinion of the umpire,  the ball is clearly pitched in line with the stumps and was showing  no indication of moving away from that line.

STUMPING  decisions will be awarded only if,  in the opinion of the umpire, the batsman is clearly out or assistance is given from the square leg umpire

The `MERCY RULE' has been fully integrated into the above rules. 
Refer to School Sport Victoria web site for examples of team sheet, playing positions and score sheets

CRICKET  SCORE  SHEET - Attached  below