Results - 2006

Swimming 2006:

Many thanks to the BDPSSA representatives, staff and parents who contributed to our BDPSSA Swimming & Diving Championships.   We were 'blessed' with great weather and a wonderful display of swimming and diving skills.  
Congratulations to Murrumbeena Primary School, "BACK TO BACK" winners of the BDPSSA Swimming & Diving Championships.   Well done and congratulations to the many BDPSSA representatives who participated in the Central Zone, Edebone Region and VPSSA Championships.

Rugby League 2006:

Well done to all 13 teams who participated in the BDPSSA Championships.
It was fantastic to see the individual skills and team work.  Many thanks to the PE staff who prepared the teams and the numerous parents who supported the program..
'A' - St Andrew's  12  Vs Murrumbeena  16
'B' - St Peter's 16  Vs  Murrumbeena  8
'Tag' - St Andrew's  Vs  St Peter's  (Draw)

Cross-Country 2006:

BRAVO ! One of the best Cross- Country competitions ever.Many schools and individuals made a noticeable improvement on previous performances. Some results very - VERY close, with one age group being decided by 1 point.
10yo  Boys:         1st - Oakleigh South   &    2nd -  Murrumbeena
10yo  Girls:          1st - Murrumbeena     &    2nd  - St Paul's
11yo  Boys:         1st  - St Andrew's       &    2nd  -  St Peter's
11yo  Girls:          1st - Oakleigh  South  &    2nd  -  St Paul's
12/13yo Boys:     1st -  Murrumbeena    &    2nd  -  Coatesville
12/13yo Girls:      1st  -  St Paul's           &    2nd  -  St Andrew's
OVER  ALL  WINNER -  Draw  Murrumbeena and Oakleigh  South Primary School  115 points each 3rd - St Paul's   = 4th - St Andrew's / St Peter's  6th - Oakleigh Greek College  7th  Coatesville Good luck to the 'top eight' runners who will now go on to represent the BDPSSA at the Central Zone Cross-Country on Tuesday 30th May at Bald Hill

Athletics 2006:

After a cancellation due to wet weather the annual BDPSSA Athletics were conducted in near perfect conditions at the Moorabbin Athletics Centre - Rowans Rd Moorabbin on Tuesday 28th August.   Good luck to the BDPSSA participants in the Zone > Region > VPSSA Athletics.  Refer to the VPSSA web site for more information (including Zone & Regional) regarding these activities.
*   Field events were conducted in the morning, followed by track events in the afternoon.
**  Optional 1500m event was conducted at Oakleigh South PS. 
      Many thanks to Oakleigh South PS, BDPSSA Staff and parents for their support.
Congratulations:  Oakleigh South Primary School, back to back winners of the '05 - '06 BDPSSA Athletics.
Placings:  2nd - St Andrew's,  3rd - St Peter's,   4th - St Paul's,  5th - Coatesville,  6th - Murrumbeena,  7th - Oakleigh Greek College

Summer Sport 2006: 

*  BASKETBALL:     Girls ~  St Peter's               Boys ~  Murrumbeena
*  ROUNDERS:       ' A ' ~  Coatesville              ' B '  ~  Murrumbeena (#)
*  SOFTBALL:         Girls  ~  Oakleigh South      Boys ~  Oakleigh  South
*  VOLLEYBALL:     Girls  ~  St Peters               Boys ~  St Paul's   
*  VOLLEYSTARS    Mixed ~  Coatesville  (#)

    ( #  Volleystars and Cricket 'B' do not go onto Zone play-off  # )

Winter Sport 2006:

*  FOOTBALL:         Mixed/Boys  ~  Murrumbeena
*  SOCCER:             Mixed/Boys ~  Oakleigh  G.O.C.
*  NETBALL:           Girls    ~  St Peter's                             Boys/Mixed  ~  Coatesville    
*  SOF-CROSSE:     Mixed 'A'  ~  St Andrew's (#)               Mixed 'B' ~  St Andrew's  (#)
*  TEEBALL            Girls  ~  St Paul's                                 Mixed ~  Oakleigh South

        ( #  Sof-crosse does not go onto Zone play-off  # )