*   Date -  Tuesday  25th  February  2025
    *   Venue - Oakleigh Pool  Park Road  Oakleigh
    *   Schools assemble at 9.30   A prompt start is essential
    *   Swimming events:  Marshall at 9.45am  
    *   Races commence 10.00am
 & finish approximately  2.00 - 2.30 pm 

    *   Program can be downloaded  (Refer to the link at bottom of this page)
         Program is a guide only and subject to change.
    *   BDS Coordinators - Swim Team entry on template provided
         School Swimming Teams must be emailed before 1pm one week
         before the carnival.
*  Please note the Bentleigh District Swimming Carnival will go ahead in most weather
    conditions, provided it is safe to do so. 
    Staff, students & spectators should come prepared for the weather. 
    It will be a school-based decision to participate if weather deemed to be a problem.
    Schools may bring tents / pavilions, but they must be in good condition and 
    strongly secured to the ground.  It may be necessary to dismantle them if windy conditions.

Individual schools are required to 'screen' & coach all swimming participants prior to the competition.

*  Individual 50m Swimming Events:  Freestyle, Breaststroke, Backstroke, Butterfly

*  Swimming Relay Events:  1x 50m Medley.

*   Children may enter a maximum of 2 individual PLUS 1x Freestyle relay event & Medley relay.

*   Butterfly Races.   Only 1st place progresses to Beachside Division

Children perform standing `in water' start for all events at the shallow end.
        One hand must remain on the wall until the incoming swimmer touches the wall.
        Swimmers may elect to have one or both feet on the wall, provided they do not break
        hand contact from the pool edge prior to the incoming swimmer's touch.
        The foot is not part of the change-over method due to poor in-water visability

*   Medley Relay: There will be one `Girls' and one `Boys/Mixed' stream. 

         Competitors may be from the 9 - 10yo, 11 - 12/13yo age groups.  
         Medley relay sequence is:  Backstroke  Breaststroke  Butterfly  Freestyle.

*  50m Solo races will start at the deep end and finish at the shallow end.
        All 50m Relay races start at deep end and finish at the deep end.

All schools are required to purchase & wear caps: -
         MPS - Gold,            C'ville - Sky,  
           OGOC - Maroon,          OSPS - White,  
         St Pauls - Red,        St Peter's - Green,     St Andrew's -  Blue

*  Students must wear their school sport uniform & dress appropriately for the the weather.
         Dress requirements are set out in the 'SSV Conditions of Competition'.

*  Multi-Class swimmers may participate in 2x 50m events
        Freestyle,  Backstroke,   Breaststroke,    Butterfly

*  Students participate in all SSV programs at their own risk. 
         Families are responsible for their own personal injury /  accident insurance. 
         It is recommended that all students have ambulance cover.

SSV Code of Behaviour applies to all students, staff, coaches spectators etc participating in, or attending BDS activities.  Breaches of the Code of Behaviour may result in disqualification of individuals or teams.

Any protest or query must be lodged immediately with the event coordinator, & before the conclusion of the event