SSV ~ Bentleigh District Athletics 
Thursday 5th September 2024                                                                                                                     (Reserve Date  -  Friday 13th September @ Moorabbin)  

                2024  Beachside  Division  Athletics - Tuesday 15th October @ Duncan MacKinnon

Please note following changes to School Sport Victoria rules
2014:   11yo Hurdle height changed from 68cm  to 60cm

BDS Aths Venue

*   Duncan MacKinnion Athletics Centre
     Please observe parking restrictions in the streets around the venue.

If re-scheduled, please contact your school for further details

*  Assemble 30 minutes prior to start.      
    9.30am - Field events, All Hurdles  & 1500m races     
   11.00pm - Track events (100m, 200m, 800m & 1x 4x100m Relay)

*  BDS Coordinators - Athletics team entry via template provided
School teams must be emailed to District Coordinator, Debby Wall before 1pm 
    one week before BDS carnival


*  Field Events:  Long Jump,  Triple Jump,  High Jump,  Shot Put,  Discus

*  Track Events:  100m, 200m, 800m, Hurdles, 1x 4x100m relay and where possible 1500m

*  Please note the program schedule is subject to change.

Event limitations:  Children may enter a maximum of two individual and one relay event.

*  Spikes are permitted in sprint, hurdles, relay and jump events (all age groups > SSV 2017)
    Spikes are NOT permitted in 800m or 1500m

Safety:`Spin' or `turn' techniques are not permitted in discus / shot-put unless a protective cage is available.

*  Starts: We will generally use the following methods to start track races.
        1. `Take your marks'    2.  `Set'     3.  Gun / Whistle   
        Standing starts - 800m & 1500m:  1.  `On your marks'  2. Gun
  or 1x Long Whistle
        A second gun will be fired (or stutter whistle) to signal a false start.

*  Shot Put used:  9-11yo  2 Kg shot put .. 12-13yo 3Kg shot put

*  Discus used:  9-10yo  500gm discus .. 11-13yo 750 gm (15.5cm diameter)

*  Triple Jump mat:  6m 9-10yo .. 7m 11yo  .. 7m or 8m 12 - 13yo  (guide only)

*  Hurdles 80m:  9-11yo 60cm  ..  12-13yo 68cm

*  Multi-Class athletes need classification number prior to the carnival

* Golden Baton:  Schools nominate best 2x girls & best 2x boys (final race)

*  Students must wear school sport uniform (top) & be dressed appropriately for their
    activity and the weather.   Dress requirements are set out in the 'SSV
    Conditions of Competition'.

*  Please note the BDS Athletics will go ahead in most weather conditions, provided 
    it is safe to do so.  Staff, students & spectators should come prepared for the weather.  
    It will be a school-based decision to participate if weather deemed to be a problem.
    Schools may bring tents / pavilions, but they must be in good condition and 
    strongly secured to the ground.  It may be necessary to dismantle them if windy conditions

*  Students participate in all SSV programs at their own risk. 
    Families are responsible for their own personal injury /  accident insurance. 
    It is recommended that all students have ambulance cover.

SSV Code of Behaviour
The SSV Code of Behaviour applies to all students, staff, coaches, spectators etc participating in, or attending all BDS activities.

Any protest or query must be lodged immediately with the event coordinator, & before the conclusion of the event