School Sport Victoria ~ Bentleigh District Schools believes that participation in sport at the Primary School level promotes physical, social and personal development.  The sporting program is designed to provide a wide selection of sports including activities for year 3 and 4 pupils, and opportunity for maximum participation of children in years five and six.  BDS creates an accepting and challenging learning environment that provides for enjoyment, satisfaction and a measure of success for all involved.

The BDS offers a variety of (10) minor and modified major games, swimming, track and field athletics, cross-country and rugby league.  The skills to participate in these activities are taught to the children at school level.  This encourages children to trial a range of activities / sports during their early years of schooling.

The BDS is a member of "School Sport Victoria" and nominates both teams and individuals for further skill development and competition towards an elite level.

The BDS will liaise with local clubs and sporting associations to incorporate their expertise and promote further skill development.   Links with local clubs will also provide access to additional venues that may assist with the conduct of the sport programs.


Code of Behaviour
The BDS has adopted the Code of Behaviour for players, parents, spectators, coaches and media as developed by the S.S.V.  Any breaches of the 'Code of Behaviour' should be clearly identified and communicated to the supervising teacher as soon as possible and passed on to the District Coordinator


Breach of Code by students, staff, spectators etc..
*  SSV rule: - teams / individuals not abiding by the Code of Behaviour may be suspended or disqualified for breaches of the Code of Behaviour, after consultation with District Coordinator.

*  Weekly Sport -
A detailed explanation of the breach of the code must be emailed to the District Coordinator within 24hrs.  The District Secretary will record and collate all breaches of the code.  Initial breach of the code would generally require a verbal warning from the supervising teacher / adult.

*  Repeated breaches of the code warrant the student / team being suspended.
  A serious offence may warrant immediate removal from the game and or suspension from the following match / matches.


* It is expected that each school will deal with any breach promptly and consistently in accordance with their discipline policy, in a manner that will ensure there is no repeat or further incidences of the breach.

*  The BDS may need to be involved in disciplinary process if there is concern that action has not been taken at a school level or there appears a pattern of repeated incidences that interfere with the enjoyment or safety of others.