Athletes & swimmers with a disability (para-athletes) are referred to as Multi-Class.
There are clear SSV pathways for Multi-Class students in Swimming, Cross-Country & Athletics

Students with a disability are encouraged to discuss their options & participation in SSV activities with their family, class teacher & school-based Sport Coordinator during year 3/4, so participation is possible for students when they are aged 8yo - 13yo

Bentleigh District conducts MC events at each Swimming, Cross-Country & Athletics carnival.  
District competitions are a great way to start exploring SSV activities

If MC participants wish to progress beyond District, they will need to be 'classified' & allocated provisional Classification Number.  The Classification number relates to the nature or impact of the disability in relation to the skills required for each event or activity
For an explaination, refer to Athletics Victoria link:  Multi Class Classifications explained
T-number is required to allocate places (accomodate various disabilities) within each MC event
It may be necessary to have 2x classification, depending on the activities chosen.
    1x swimming 
    1x athletics (includes XC) 
MC Events
Swimming:  50m Freestyle,  50m Backstroke,  50m Breaststroke,  50m Butterfly
Cross-Country:  2000m
Athletics:  100m,  200m,  800m,  Shot Put,  Long Jump

For further information contact .....
Bentleigh District: Debby Wall:  0419 384 366
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