Blue Mountains Basketball Association - Where the MAGIC happens

We're gearing up for our new Summer 2022/23 Season.

Key Dates:

 Muster Day Primary School Comp:

10th Septemeber 9-11am

 Muster Day High School Comp:

16th September 5-7pm

Muster Days are for kids looking for teams. Come along on to your relevant Muster Day to find and sign up for a team in your division. Don't worry if you're new to the sport, you can learn on the court and while training with your new team!

Magic Academy: Not ready to join a team yet? If you're in Primary School, and new to Basketball, you can sign up to our skills session. This will be run after school in Term 4 and Term 1. Friday 4-4:45pm. You'll be able to Register from the 10th of September.


Summer Competition Dates:

Season runs from Term 4: 2022 - Term 1: 2023.


Primary School Division: Sat mornings: Time slots from 9am-12.

Dates Term 4, 2022: 15th Oct - 10th Dec, then Summer Break

Resume Term 1 (2023): 4th Feb - Last reg Round 18th March

Finals: 25th March and 1st April

Divisions are:

School years K/1/2,   3/4,   5/6

Please note: Choose your child's division by the year your child is in at the Start of the Sesaon ie, the year they are in in Term 4, 2022 unless you know your child is older than their year group.  If this is the case please choose the appropriate division.


 High School Division: Friday Evenings: Time slots from 5pm-8:30pm.

Dates Term 4, 2022: 14th Oct - 9th Dec, then Summer Break

Resume Term 1 (2023): 3rd Feb - Last reg Round 17th March

Finals: 24th March and 31st March

Divisions are:

School years: 7/8,   9/10,   11/12

Please note: Choose your teen's division by the year they are in at the Start of the Sesaon ie, the year they are in in Term 4, 2022 unless you know your child is older than their year group.  If this is the case please choose the appropriate division.


Adult Division: Tuesday evenings: Time slots from 6pm-10pm.

Dates Term 4, 2022: 11th Oct - 6th Dec, then Summer Break

Resume Term 1 (2023): 31st Jan - Last reg Round 14th March

Finals: 21st March and 28th March

Divisions are: 19 years or older


Current Winter 2022 Season runs from Week 4, Term 2:

Season Dates:


Primary School Division: Sat mornings

(Time slots between 9-11:30am) excluding school hols

Dates: Start 21st May - Last regular round: 27th August

Finals/Gala day: 3rd Sept 

Juniors Muster Day 10th September 9-11am


High School Division: Friday evenings

(Time Slots between 5-8:30pm) excluding School hols

Dates:Start 20th May – Last regular round: 26th August

Finals: 2nd + 9th September

Seniors Muster Day 16th Sept (5-7pm)  


Adult Division: Tues nights (Time Slots between 6:30-10pm) excluding school hols

Dates: 17th May – Last regular round: 23rd Aug  

Finals: 30th Aug +  6th Sept September



We do not 'manage' Teams.  We rely on players to form and manage their own teams. As such, Adults are asked NOT TO register as 'Individuals' for the Competition unless they are already part of team. You can email us to let us know you are looking to join a team and we will informally try to connect you to teams looking for additional players. Please note, it is rare for Teams to be looking for additional players. For more information, please see below: How It Works.

Primary School aged Children however, can join The Magic Academy where will help them to connect to other players looking for a team and learn skills if they are a beginner. Please see more information on The Magic Academy below.


General Information:

-All Games are played at the Katoomba Sports and Aquatic Centre

-We run three separate competitions all year round (during school terms only). 


- Primary School – Sat mornings 

- High School (up to U19s)  - Friday evenings 

- 19 years + (open) – Tuesday evening


The competition is split into two seasons – Summer and Winter



We rely on members of the community to form and manage teams within the competition and as such, it is rare that we can place a lot of individuals seeking a team into these existing teams. 

If however, you have a child who hasn’t played before or doesn’t have a team, we have a program called The Magic Academy which will focus on skills and a social game.  The Program’s aim is to keep your child learning skills and playing the game until they are ready to join a team, or have connected with other players in the session to form a new team for the competition. You can join this program at any time. Please note, we will still be relying on parents to manage and coach teams, but are creating the opportunity to connect kids and teens to each other. 



A Skills and Social Game Session to help kids connect to other players looking for a team and help beginners get skills.

The  Magic Academy (Primary School Age) 

Start times (currently) are:  9:00-9:50 (Sat) 


Referees: If you are a Referee or would like to be, please get in touch!

For more information visit: 

Or get in touch via email: 



Teams: Choose the Nominate Your Team tab (you only need to Register a team once) then follow the steps to invite your Teammates to Register individually as part of the team.

Individuals: If you are Registering an Individual child for The Magic Academy, you need only Register them as an Indiviudal.

 Please link here for all Registrations.

* Please note - Do not Register for the Adult Competition unless you are already part of a team and follow Team Registration Steps as above.  See previous information for alternatives.