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Rosedale Football Netball Club 

Welcome to Season 2021, the Rosedale Football Netball Club is again working hard to ensure this upcoming Season is successful both on and off the field & court as the Club continues to be a force in the North Gippsland Football Netball League for many years to come. 


Supporting our Valued Members...

The Rosedale Football Netball Club is a fantastic, friendly family Club which without the valuable support of our Members would fail to function.

While our goal each week is to manage and field three football teams and six netball teams promoting good health and well being, we also “win” by providing an environment for social activity for family and friends of the Club.

Being involved in the Club also provides a platform for personal and professional development for our Members. These include training courses for coaches and our medical support staff.

We have also hosted First Aid Certificate and Responsible Serving of Alcohol Courses that are necessary to keep our Members up to date with the latest requirements. 


More than “just a Club” ...

Apart from the Rosedale Football Netball Club fielding nine teams in the NGFNL the Club prides itself on the network of people that commit to running the Club each season. At the forefront is the dedicated Committee as previously mentioned however there is a whole community behind this group that assist each week.

There are many volunteers around our Club that all have a “can do” attitude to get the job done, whether that be sweeping out rooms, washing jumpers, ground maintenance or time keeping on game day—we cannot function without these wonderful people.

At the Rosedale Football Netball Club we encourage “everyone” to get involved. All players, footballers and netballers, are rostered on to various tasks on game day including canteen duties, selling raffle tickets, running water, and scoreboard duties.

This adds a different dimension to our Club—it takes a WHOLE group not just a few to be successful on and off the field. 


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Seniors Ladder

2021 Seniors
1 Woodside 44
2 Yallourn Yallourn North 40
3 Churchill 36
4 Yarram 34
5 Traralgon Tyers United 34
6 Rosedale 30
7 Sale City 26
8 Heyfield 24
9 Glengarry 20
10 Cowwarr 12
11 Gormandale 8

Reserves Ladder

2021 Reserves
1 Traralgon Tyers United 48
2 Yarram 44
3 Yallourn Yallourn North 40
4 Sale City 32
5 Heyfield 28
6 Glengarry 28
7 Rosedale 24
8 Woodside 20
9 Churchill 16
10 Cowwarr 16
11 Gormandale 12

Thirds Ladder

2021 Thirds
1 Churchill 48
2 Traralgon Tyers United 44
3 Rosedale 40
4 Heyfield 36
5 Gormandale 32
6 Woodside 28
7 Yallourn Yallourn North 24
8 Sale City 16
9 Yarram 16
10 Glengarry 16
11 Cowwarr 8

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