Teams in South Toowoomba Hawks Sporting Club

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Hawks Falcons(2021 TFL - U10 Challenge)

Hawks Hasbeens(2021 TFL - O35 Mens Term 1)

Hawks Highlanders(2021 TFL - U16/17 Premier Silver Plate)

Previously Associated Competitions

Hawks Highlanders(2021 TFL - U16/17 Premier)

Hawks Hornets(2021 TFL - U16/17 Premier)

Hawks Hunters(2021 TFL - U13 Premier)

Hawks Hurricanes(2021 TFL - U12 Premier)

Hawks Jets(2021 TFL - U10 Community)

Hawks Terriers(2021 TFL - U11 Community)

Hawks Tigers(2021 TFL - U14/15 Championship Silver Plate)

Previously Associated Competitions

Hawks Tigers(2021 TFL - U14/15 Championship)

Hawks Typhoons(2021 TFL - U11 Challenge)

Hawks Vipers(2021 TFL - U11 Challenge)

Hawks Vultures(2021 TFL - U14/15 Premier)

Lady Hawks(2021 TFL - Tom McVeigh Trophy)

Lady Hawks(2021 TFL - Premier Ladies)