HELP REQUIRED! - Boys & Girls FC

Boys and Girls FC - 3000+ people over 2 days, Popular Junior Football Tournament with 89 teams entered.
Saturday 21st of March
Sunday 22nd of March
Why volunteer for this day?
  • Our largest Fundraiser
  • Keeps fee's low for all players and parents
  • Allows the club to afford to hire our facility and pay for the light usage
  • Allows the club to purchase and replace equipment 
  • Help us fund payment for referee's for all age groups
  • Build relationships across the club for players and parents
  • Builds our community and our family club atmosphere
  • Plus much more
Without this event our club would not be able to sustain itself so we require a large amount of helpers
as more assistance equals lighter load for everyone. 
There are 5 roles you can choose from. Most people do a multiple!
Ground Marshall (Paid role $15 an hour)
Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd 
Great for Juniors aged 15+
A great way to help pay for fee's
Training provided
Shade, Table and Chairs provided
Mobile phone with data required
Simple task to observe and monitor junior games and help with final scoring via phone app. 
Only available to 18 people, first in best dressed.
Can do one or 2 days.
Grounds Setup and Pack up (Paid role $15 an hour)
Thursday 19th (before training for seniors) 3:00pm onwards
Friday 20th of March from 4:00pm onwards
We have 18 grounds to setup which involves constructing goals, and placing them on the fields. Instructions provided via video.
A great way to help pay for fee's
This was lots of fun last year. 
We had 15 people last year but more hand make light work.
Team up with a partner and come along!
Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd 
(Usually 2-3 hour shifts depending on people)
We require 3 people to run the BBQ at all times
Everything provided.
We usually have some music to ease the time!
Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd 
(Usually 2-3 hour shifts depending on people)
3-5 people at all times
The Canteen is organised incredibly well, it just required people to operate.
Training and experienced help provided
Great for Junior Parents and 15+ aged members
A great way to meet new people from the club and build relationships.
Line Marking
14th of March 8:00am - 5pm usually all day depending on amount of numbers.
15th of March (hopefully finished in half a day)
We need to mark out and line 18 grounds. This requires a more hands on approach. 
Training supplied, experienced people to help.
6-10 people required.
We NEED the help, the is a huge undertaking for our club. Something that not many other clubs can achieve.
This is a great opportunity to not only help the club but meet people and really enjoy the Epsom Football Club Experience.
We would love the help and look forward to meeting everyone.

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