2016 Club Registration now open

Previous registration processes used by Epsom FC have failed to capture all the information we require in one single online or paper form. We have also been concerned about the length of time it has taken people to register when attending registration days. Coordinating the FFA registration process has led to parents having issues when registering juniors, and with this in mind, we have introduced a new process for 2016:

1. Epsom FC Registration application
Firstly, we will require all 2016 players to complete a club registration form in the first instance. This will give us information on team preferences, interest in coaching and allergies. In addition, this customised Google Form will enable parents to endorse the Code of Conduct, medical information and photography policies.
Click here to complete the club registration process

2. Playing subscriptions are paid by parents
After your online club registration, we will invoice you for payment of your playing subscriptions. We will offer direct bank transfer, cash, cheque and credit card payments in person. We are investigating the option of credit card payments online in addition to these payment methods. If paying subscriptions at this time is impossible, you may apply for an instalment plan to our club Treasurer Anita.

3. Epsom FC confirmation
Next, we will confirm your registration and assign players to teams taking into account your team preferences (if possible) and assign coaches.

4. FFA Registration
Lastly, we will require all players to complete the FFA registration. This is necessary for insurance purposes. We will only require the completion of this in March but definitely prior to the start of the season.

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