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By Allan Saliba

My son, Thomas Saliba plays for Epsom Soccer Club, under 14. Prior to a match several weeks ago, Thomas was initially told by the referee he could not play due to wearing prescription glasses that were not properly secured. The referee then allowed Thomas to play, but stated that he would not be allowed to play next time. The referee advised us to go to Bunnings and purchase safety goggles, to wear over the glasses.

During the next few weeks I visited a variety of optical shops, searching for appropriate safety eye wear. Each time I was told that kid’s prescription sports glasses/goggles were not available. At one stage I was offered a glasses strap, which was a loose fitting strap which was not appropriate for sports use.

After searching on the net I came across ‘Goggleman’, an Australian company who sold prescription sports glasses for kids (and adults), using an anti-fog polycarbonate lens. Speaking with the owner of Goggleman, David Aulert, I was informed that they are the only Australian company specialising Adults and kid’s prescription sports glasses. I was then sent four frames that Thomas could choose from, and then sent on Thomas prescription. Turnaround time, including delivery, was less than a week once the glasses had been ordered.

Thomas has worn the sports glasses on several occasions, and he loves them. They look great, and one referee commented that he didn’t even notice them at first, as they fit so well.


About Goggleman

Goggleman has been supplying specific-purpose prescription Goggles and Glasses to sports enthusiasts since 2002 and more recently online since 2009.

We specialize in supplying those ‘hard to find’ products for a wide range of pursuits (sporting or not) which are not readily available through traditional optical outlets.

Using the very latest in lens technologies and manufacturing processes, our experienced qualified Optical Mechanics and Optical Dispensers can customise and produce a wide range of prescriptions to suit all sporting needs. Even for those with complex high prescriptions.

In terms of ball sports eyewear for the sporting field, unlike in the USA, currently there is no official and specific standard to meet outside of the general eyewear policies set by Australian sporting associations.  These policies are somewhat grey and don’t truly outline the specifics of what’s required.  Then additionally in our experience from speaking to the many parents who call us, they are asked to go and buy this specific eyewear but are given no clear guidelines as to what specifically they need to buy, and where they can buy it from.  Mostly they are told to visit their local Optometrist however the majority of Optometrists don’t fill this part of the market, leaving the parents in limbo as to where to find what they need.

We at Goggleman are well aware of these eyewear policies and therefore offer a wide variety of styles for children and adults and help guide people towards the necessary eyewear that complies.

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