Why do we have Ground Marshals?

Clubs have been asked to circulate an extract of the BASL Rules of Competition that relate to Ground Marshals. If a ground marshal is required for your competition level or age group, your team manager may organise a roster or make other arrangements for sharing this responsibility. We appreciate your cooperation with this important game requirement.

Ground Marshals are required to ensure that Referees do not get caught up with or confronted by parents or other spectators and to ensure referees make it to the correct ground and change room.


3.5. Ground Marshals / Security / Police

3.5.1 Clubs must provide a minimum of 1 Ground Marshal to each home fixture or otherwise as

directed by BASL.

3.5.2 Ground Marshals must:

(a) be in clearly identifiable uniform,

(b) Be at least 18 years old

(c) be visible at all times, and

(d) escort the Match Official and Assistant Match Officials to and from the field of play at half time and full time

3.5.3 Match Officials should not leave their dressing rooms to enter the field of play, or leave the field to return to their rooms, until identifiable Ground Marshals are present

3.5.4 Each team is responsible for the safety of their own Players’ property. Anything left in a change room is done so at the owner’s risk.

3.5.5 BASL may at time to time due to extenuating circumstances increase the minimum Ground Marshal arrangements for any fixture at any time.

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