2020 Season commencing 3rd July 2020.

Each team must appoint a
Covid19/Duty Officer for every home game.



  • Hi Viz Vest will be issued at the canteen and is to be worn during the match and laundered after the match to be available to the duty officer appointed by your team for the next home game. 


  • Present during the whole of each fixture to which they are appointed 


  • Ensure spectators are behind the lines around the inside of ground, or at least 3m from field;
  • Enforce Social Distancing at all times
  • please ensure only substitute players and team officials - wearing team official tags - are in the interchange area
  • at the moment all substitute players must be seated 1.5 m apart
  • (Except for U/6’s and U/11’s) coaches, referees on/near the bench observing social distancing– not walking up and down coaching/warming up (especially if Referee requests assistance),
  • no abuse of Referee, players etc. players sent off to leave field and benches area, escort Referee and his assistants if required (especially in fiery game).
  • Ensure games run on schedule (adviseReferee prior to game.)
  • Clear all spectators and players immediately the game is finished
  • Ensure no spitting, hand shaking, high fives etc 


From referees, Coaches, Managers, Parents, Players, Spectators etc. direct to correct field. If unsure direct enquiry to Committee Member 


  • are available at the canteen and to be filled in by coach OR manager only using their own pen 


  • Ensure that a referree has been appointed
  • in the event no official Referee is present refer to Committee Member 

ENSURE AMBULANCE OR POLICEare called if required and direct to location for 

  • serious injury
  • assault to players or officials
  • deliberate flouting of Covid 19 Public Health order 


  • between games and at half time,
  • away from behind goals during games. 


  • where there is conflict that is difficult to resolve contact the MPIO or Committee Member to deal with the situation.

Updates to refund policies by Northern NSW Football and Merewether United Football Club, with the Covid-19 Impact noted

Northern NSW Football Refund Policy 

Merewether United Football Club Refund Policy

Background - 

Registration fees paid by registered players include the following:

  • Federation fees component – covering competition administration, player insurances and other costs

    • Newcastle Football

    • Northern NSW Football

    • FFA

  • Club expenses component – includes facilities maintenance/improvements, administration, playing/training equipment, facilities rent, and other costs.

These fees are funded by a combination of direct payment from players and, where available for junior players, the Active Kids voucher – currently $100.

The Club’s position is that the Active Kids voucher will be applied first to the Federation fee component and that direct payments primarily cover Club expenses, with excess covering additional Federation fee component.

Refund of registration fee in a normal season

De-registrations can be submitted prior to submission of registrations/teams to Newcastle Football.

A player may apply for a refund of registration and be refunded in full all amounts paid directly to the Club (excluding Active Kids voucher proceeds received by the Club) if that de-registration request is submitted prior to the submission of registrations to Newcastle Football – generally early March each year.

Under Services NSW guidelines the Club is not permitted to refund Active Kids voucher proceeds.

Late de-registration requests

For de-registration requests submitted after the above date, only the Club component can be refunded, less an administration charge as per the registration summary posted on the Club’s website annually.

If the Club has incurred additional costs prior to the de-registration being requested (e.g., facilities and other expenses), additional deductions will be made to any refund processed.  

If the Club is able to obtain Federation fee refunds, these will be passed on to the player net the Active Kids voucher proceeds.

Timing of refund

Refunds are generally processed on confirmation that the de-registration process is completed by the player and subsequently the Federations.

Covid-19 Impact

At the time of this policy, there has been no formal cancellation of the season as a result of COVID-19.

Registrations have been submitted to Newcastle Football and the Federation fee component paid in full, therefore any new de-registration request is treated as a late de-registration.

The Club policy at this stage will be to process NO refunds until such time as a formal decision is made on whether the season will proceed or is formally cancelled.  This is to ensure that we manage the workload on our volunteers as well as ensure the integrity of teams should the season proceed.

If you have extenuating circumstances that necessitate a refund earlier you are to contact outlining those circumstances for the committee to consider.

Updated and approved by the MUFC committee, 31 March 2020


Merewether Grounds

Myamblah Main
Myamblah Roo Ball Field
Adamstown #5

 If Myamblah is closed & No 5 open you may move!

Council Wet Weather Page - Link

A better link - shows when it was updated

The council will update the page during the day up until about 3pm. We can update it after that, and will try to do so prior to 3:30pm if we are going to. This is the only source now for ground open/closed information.

Please be aware, even if the ground is open, we are responsible for any damage. If it rains heavily between when the call on the ground was made and you using it, please look after the ground. The grounds have to last all season, and damage does not repair itself until summer.

For grounds on game days: Look for the "Wet Weather" Link


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