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Postal Address :

PO Box 593
Diamond Creek 3089


Basketball Registration No. 0014147P


President: Cassie Wilson  
Vice-President: Michelle Parkinson  
Secretary: Cameron Webb  
Treasurer: Gabrielle Sutherland  


Girls Coordinator      
Age Coordinators      
All Age Groups      


Boys Coordinator      
Age Coordinators      
Under 8 to Under 14 Cassie Wilson    
Under 16 to Under 20 Rhiannon Commandeur    


Uniforms Boys/Girls Nadia Bradbury 0415 801 223
Training Times Kate Coen   0407 677 769
Welfare Officer / WWC Mel Bullock  
School Liaison Officer      
Registrations Gabrielle Sutherland  
Committee Member Terry Wilson    
Committee Member Rhiannon Commandeur    
Committee Member Cameron Fitzgerald    

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