Problems with Registration

If you are having problems registering your child, please look over these common issues.


For renewing Wilston Grange members

While we do send out reminder emails to renewing members regularly at the beginning of the season, the link in these emails only last a few weeks.  If your link has expired, please follow these steps.

Click on this link ---  Registration Login

Log in using the email address used last year.  There is a forgot password link if you need.

Select the total number of children (new and renewing) you want to register.

Under Current members, all the players linked to your email address will be shown.  Click on the arrow next to each child’s name you wish to renew.

If you are adding a new player to Junior football, use the arrow on the righ-hand side of the screen.

Once the total number of children have been renewed/added, you will then go to the payment page.  Complete payment and you are good to go.

If you have 3 or more children from U8s to U17s, the sibling discount will automatically apply once you get to the payment section.

If one of your children played in the U6 competition known as Superstars (or Roy's Footy in the past), they will need to be transfered from that comp database to the Junior Comp database.  Please email the club registrar to request a transfer.  Once the transfer is complete, you will receive an invite email to complete registration.  See below for more details.


Wilston Grange members played before 2019 but wanting to renew now

In 2019 the Brisbane Juniors League was disbanned and became the South East Queensland league.  This meant that the database was changed to reflect the new league name.  If you were a Wilston Gragen player in 2019, your details were automatically changed to be able to renew your membership for 2020.  However, if you last played for the Gorillas in the year/s before, you will need to transfer from the old Bris Juniors to the new SEQ database.

Please email the Club Registrar to request a transfer.  Once completed, you will receive an invite email to complete registration.


Email issues

If you get a message saying that the email you are trying to use does not match, that means your child is registered under a different email address.  You will have to email the club registrar to find out which email address was used, and if you need to update it to another one.  Once this has been done, you go back to the steps above and continue with the new email address.

If you get a message says a child with the same name and date of birth exists in the system, this means that you are trying create a new registration when your child already exists somewhere in the national database.

If you were with Wilton Grange last year, log in using the step above and see if your child is listed under Current Members.  If yes, use the arrow next to their name to complete rego.  If not, try as a new member.  Since you have log in first, it may be that it will find your child’s rego in the database and let you continue.

If that does not work, you will need to email the club registrar.

If you were with another club anywhere in Australia, you will need to use the transfer form on the main club website and email it to the club registrar. They will then request your details to be transferred over to Wilston Grange.  Once that has been completed, you will receive an email inviting you to join Wilston Grange.  Click on the link in the email and complete the registration from there.


Auskick and/or Superstars (Roy’s) last year

You will not receive a renewal email link as you are transitioning from Auskick/Roy’s Footy to Junior football.

However, you can still use the link above, log in and you will be able to see your child under Current Members.  You then complete the registration as per above.  If they are not listed, use the New Member arrow to add them to your profile.

If you click on the child's profile and get a message along the lines of unable to join competition as joined another, or that the child is not part of the club.  You will need to transfer from the Superstars compeition to the junior competition.  Please email the club registrar to request a transfer.  ONce the transfer is complete, you will receive an invite email to join Wilston Grange JAFC.

Please attach a proof of age document (birth certificate/passport) when prompted to complete the registration online.  This can be any official document that shows both your child's full name and date of birth.  You can use a photo from your smart phone or a scan of the original document.  Continue through to the payment page to complete the registration.


Proof of age doc did not upload, or your child is in Pending Registration

If your proof of age document did not upload properly or you get an email saying your child’s rego is in pending, you will need to send the club registrar a copy of the document.

You can send an email of a scan or photo to the Club Registrar, they will upload for you and finalize the rego.


Sibling discount

If you are wishing to get the sibling discount for three or more children in one family for U8s through to U17s, log in using the information above for renewing members.  The discount will automatically apply when you go to the payment page.


Want to know about teams, training and schedule of games?

Go to the Wilston Grange Club website as per the link on the home page of this website.


Club fees and other items required

All our club fees are on our club website.  Click on the link on the home page.

All new members to Wilston Grange will receive a club t-shirt (Juniors U8s to U11s) or a club polo (Youth U12s to U17s). 

You will need to purchase club socks and shorts.  Blue shorts for Juniors and both blue and white shorts for Youth.  There are from our uniform shop at the ground and is open for training during the first few weeks of the season, and for all home games.

A mouthguard is highly recommended for all age groups.  While the Junior have modified rules and learn to tackle as they move up the age group, your child will need to get used to wearing a mouthguard while playing.  The younger they start wearing one, the easier it is when a mouthguard is really needed.

Your team will receive guernsey to be wore at games.  They are to be returned at the end of the game and there will be a roster to wash them each week.  If you have been rostered one to wash the guernseys, please do not iron or put in a drier.  It will damage the cloth.  Return the washed guernseys to the Team Manager by the next training session.

Guernsey, Jersey, Jumper - What is it really called and what's the difference?

Way back in time there were two islands who made all the playing gear for the UK and Europe and they were called Guernsey and Jersey. They both made woollen jumpers to be worn for sport but were slightly different in weave and knit. Today all playing gear is made by artificial cloth but the names remain.

Jumper - more modern term and easier to use. Used in all codes.

Jersey - generally used in Rugby Union and Rugby League and has short sleeves with a collar.

Guernsey - Official name for AFL and are sleeveless with a V neck.  Although AFL calls the beginning of the year function the Jumper Presentation, we are actually presenting a guernsey. Pronounced G-urn-zee.

Isn't language wonderful?


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