Match Report 10 July 2021

Men’s Division 3, MCCBendigo v Melbourne University/Brunswick at the Albert Ground 10 July 2021

After a competition Bye last week, we were back to business this weekend. Early in the week Saturday was forecast to be a cold and wet. However, it was a lovely sunny day but cool, ideal for playing lacrosse.

This week was a double header at the Albert, which MCC revealed their newmore

Match Report 26 June 2021

Men’s Division 3, MCCBendigo v Malvern at the Albert Ground 26 June 2021

Driving to the ground from the U17’s match, which was at Chadstone, the day looked bleak with grey clouds floating above. The one shining light was that the senior game was going to be played at the Albert. Coming from Chadstone’s waterlogged and muddy ground it was a welcome relief to play on a field thmore

Match Report 19 June 2021

Men’s Division 3, MCCBendigo v Camberwell at the Albert Ground 19 June 2021

Returning from the Covid break, we were playing Camberwell at the Albert. This was round 10. Round 8 was postponed due to covid, round 9 was our bye, and last week was the Queen’s Birthday weekend, which was a competition bye for all.

So, after three weekends we were back at it.

It was a sunny but cmore

Match Report 22 May 2021

Men’s Division 3, MCCBendigo v Altona at Maiden Gully Rec Res 22 May 2021

After a great win against Camberwell, “The Team” were up against Altona. This round Altona had no teams in higher divisions on byes. This meant there were no players dropped to their Div 3 team.

It was a glorious day in Bendigo as well as Melbourne. The sun was out, and it was a pleasant day formore

Match Report 15 May 2021

Men’s Division 3, Camberwell v MCC/Bendigo at Eric Raven Res 15 May 2021

On Thursday the club received bad news that our bus will be out of action for 6 weeks after breaking down in Elmore. We need to wait for the critical car part to arrive from France. However, our President Lester Young and our official scorer and emergency player Ian Lock agreed to carpool. Thank you, guys! On the positivemore

Match Report 8 May 2021

Men’s Division 3,Malvern v MCC/Bendigo at Malvern Town Hall 8 May 2021

Well, we received a walkover last week from Surrey Park and subsequently they (SP) decided to pull that team out of the LV Div 3 competition. This resulted in Div 3 having 5 teams and the fixture being modified to accommodate the withdrawal. We were on top of the ladder!

It was a fine and sunny beautiful morning, but the clomore

Match Report 24 April 2021

Ok, here I go again.

We were off to our second match of the season, heading down the freeway to Altona’s PJ Lynch Res. We didn’t know what to expect but the weather was cloudy and threatening to rain, as it was forecasted to do so in Melbourne today.

Rusty couldn’t make it this weekend. Tim Davis was nursing his (left or right?) hamstring as he felt it go in Thursday’s training session. He smore

Match Report 17 April 2021

Here is my match report. It will not be as crafted as John Webb’s brilliant reports of yester year.

It was an overcast and gloomy morning. However, by the time our Bendigo players arrived at Melbourne Uni’s Western Oval, it was a glorious sunny bu cool day and idea lacrosse weather. MCC/Bendigo was playing Melb Uni/Brunswick.

It just happened that MCC Div 1 played their game prior to our Div 3more

2019 Presidents AGM Report

2019 was quite a good year for the club, with good results on the field and some new

initiatives off-field.more

Lacrosse Report 17/18 of August 2019

Men’s Division 3, Chadstone vs Bendigo at Chadstone, 17/8/19

Last home and away game for the year, with a long shot at a finals berth at stake. Altona would have to lose, Uni would have to lose, Surrey had already given a walkover that morning so they were now out of the way. However, we also had to win this game.

Chadstone hadn’t won a game all season, but we needed to be anytmore

Match Lacrosse Report 10 and 11 August

Mens’ Division 3, Caulfield v Bendigo at Caulfield, 10/8/19.

As we head to the end of another season, we watch with considerable interest as four mid-division 3 teams jostle for a berth in the finals. The top three was pretty much established in about week three but for the rest of the division, the battle’s been for fourth spot. It’s easy to get caught up in the who-has-to-beat-more

Match Lacrosse Reports 2 & 3 August 2019

Lacrosse reports

Men’s Division 3, Bendigo vs Malvern at Maiden Gully, 3/8/19.

Last home game for the season. Last home game for the career? I’ll have to think about that … again.
Another cool and overcast day at Maiden Gully, with no wind to speak of and little chance of rain. They’re good days to play lacrosse. Not much grass, unless you count the tussocks and dry enough to do the “old guy” hmore

Match Lacrosse Report 27 and 28 July 2019

Lacrosse Report
Men’s Division 3, Bendigo vs Footscray at Maiden Gully Rec. Reserve, 27/7/19
Perfect conditions for lacrosse greeted the Warhawks last Saturday, with an overcast sky, cool temperatures and a forecast of little chance of rain. The ground was firm. Bendigo lined up 13 to start, with key defenders, Mark Reader and Jarrod Topp-Lowe unable to take the field. Footscray turned up in dribsmore

Match Lacrosse report 20 and 21 July 2019

U15 Boys MCC v Camberwell at Camberwell Eric Raven Reserve

It was a good day for lacrosse as it was nippy but sunny day.

Camberwell had 15 players once the game commenced, most of their team were mature U15 players (second years) who seemed to be a head taller than the MCC boys. Camberwell did have a couple of U13 players to help.

Whereas MCC on the othmore

Match Reports 13 and 14 July 2019

Men’s Division 3, Bendigo vs Surrey Park at Mont Albert Reserve, 13/7/19

The weather looked like it might turn pretty cold and dismal on the long haul from Lancefield to Mont Albert, but rain mainly held off for the game, though it was wet underfoot.

Bendigo fronted up with almost a full side (15), though sadly our significant out was injured Mark Reader, whose absence was to promore

Match Report 6 July 2019

Division 3 lacrosse, Bendigo vs Camberwell at Dorothy Laver Reserve, 6/7/19

With midfielder, Mason Matheson and centre-man, Russell Crofts ruled out for the day, the Warhawks were pleased to welcome back Paul Iuliano into the side and lined up 14 to start against a Camberwell side of 15. Bright sunshine persisted for most of the day and the ground conditions were excellent.


Match Lacrosse Reports 29 and 30 June 2019

Men’s Division 3, Bendigo vs Uni/Brunswick, 29/6/19 at Maiden Gully

The heavens opened on Friday night and by the time Warhawks arrived at Maiden Gully for an early start (1:30) on Saturday, the ground was awash. Bouncing back from the disappointment of having to give a walkover the week before, Bendigo had 15 to start, while Uni/Brunswick eventually put 14 on the paddock with amore

Match Report 15 and 16 June 2019

Saturday 15 June 2019

Bendigo v Caulfield

It was a beautiful sunny winter day last Saturday and Bendigo hosted Caulfield at Maiden Gully. The ground was in very good ground condition considering the rain storms during the week. The Warhawks were missing a couple of key players, including midfield utilities, Mason Matheson, forward John Webb and the two youngsters:more

Match Report Lacrosse Victoria U11 Carnival 15 June 2019

There were 18 teams in four divisions, and we were in the Crocs division.

An early start was planned and achieved leaving Bendigo at 6.45am from Kangaroo Flat, with the children in the bus and the Lock family following in convey.

All parents and children were excited in anticipation.

Players were:
Georgia Stevens,
Bella Stevens
Flynne Stevens
Michael McLean

Match Reports and Results 1 & 2 June 2019

Division 3 Men’s; Bendigo vs Surrey Park at Maiden Gully; 1/6/19

Another beautiful, sunny winter’s day was bestowed upon Bendigo last Saturday afternoon. Warhawks arrived feeling quietly confident after two wins in two weeks. A single lonely Surrey Park player was the only away-team arrival at 1:30 and we began our usual anxious wait for opposition teams. However, a couple of carmore

Match Lacrosse report and results 25 & 26 May 2019

Men’s Division 3, 25/5/19, Melbourne Uni/Brunswick vs Bendigo at Park St Oval, Brunswick.
A reasonably pleasant and cool afternoon greeted Warhawks as the bus parked at Uni’s home ground. Rain held off and there was even some pause for consideration over ends at the coin toss due to a real risk of sunshine.
Uni/Brunswick were slow to arrive and eventually fielded fifteen. Bendigo had some major oumore

Match Report 18 & 19 May 2019 Camberwell twice and Altona.

Lacrosse report Div 3, Camberwell vs Bendigo 18/5/19 at Maiden Gully

The Autumn sunny days keep coming and last Saturday, Bendigo hosted Camberwell at Maiden Gully in beautiful weather and ground conditions for lacrosse. The Warhawks were missing a couple of key players, including centre man, Brett Ruiz, as well as midfield utilities, Mason Matheson and Dylan Le Clercq. However, numbers were bolsmore


Match Lacrosse Report - 27/4/19, Bendigo vs Altona at Maiden Gully

A beautiful sunny Autumn day greeted Warhawks as they arrived after a long wait for their first game of the season. The ground was in great condition and the Bendigo team arrived in good numbers: 14 to start. Two junior players were welcomed into the side, with Matt Saxon and Christian Iuliano pulling on the boots for the first time witmore

Match Reports Sat 4th and Sun 5th May 2019


U15 Boy’s MCC v Chadstone

Overnight in Melbourne it rained and was still raining as Gino, Christian and Matty left Wheelers Hill to head to Beaumaris. Beaumaris is along the bay about 25km south of Melbourne City. This is MCC new home ground for the juniors and some of their senior games.
The boy’s team (MCC) started with the bear minimum of 1more

Lacrosse report 2 September 2018

The Bendigo girls got on the bus at 8.45am Sunday morning, maybe not all completely awake.

Mason was picked up on the way out of sunny crisp Bendigo.

On the bus was Charlotte, Ruby, Jessica, Morgan and Abbey all revving to go, it was the preliminary final!

We did the usual stop at Calder Park before heading to the game. However, the weather was turning ugly the closer we got to the gmore

Lacrosse Report 25/26th of August 2018

Men’s Division 3 Bendigo vs Caulfield at Maiden Gully 25/8/18

The last game for the season. We arrived at the ground in perfect Spring-like conditions and warmed up on a ground that is remarkably firm for this time of year. You might even consider a bounce pass on it, though experience says you probably shouldn’t. Bright sunshine forced a collective team squint in the traditional end-of-year photmore

Lacrosse Report 18/19 of August 2018

It’s a long, long way to Mont Albert, and that’s just from Lancefield in a comfy ute. I can only speculate what it’s like in a minibus from Bendigo.

The weather looked like it was going to be vile, with cold rain falling in the morning and for much of the car trip. But we were smiled upon by the gods of meteorology and barely a drop fell for the duration of our shortened match and rain only gotmore

Lacrosse Report 4/5th of August 2018

Division 3 men’s, Altona vs Bendigo at Maiden Gully.

Another pleasant afternoon in Maiden Gully, after really horrible weather on Friday. It’s been a good winter for playing lacrosse, almost charmed (though farmers up north would beg to differ) and the ground is still without mud going into August. Nice.

The Warhawks fielded 13 players, while Altona arrived with 12. Gino and Lester swapped rolmore

Lacrosse report 28/29 of July 2018

Men’s Division 3. Melbourne University vs Bendigo at Maiden Gully 28/7/18

More luck with the weather on Saturday, as University arrived in sunshine at the Maiden Gully ground in a few carloads. Recent rain had the ground soft but not muddy, however, frost has left it mainly dead, with green tussocks. I mention that because I bounced a shot off one and it nearlmore

Lacrosse report: 21 and 22 July 2018

Men’s Division 3 Chadstone v Bendigo at Chadstone. 21/7/18
It was a chilly, overcast afternoon last Saturday for the long haul to Chadstone from Bendigo. We arrived to a carnival atmosphere, as the Chadstone club had a family day going with a women’s Division 1 game and a men’s Division 2 game already in progress and the men’s Division 3 and 1 games to come. The pleasant smell ofmore

Match Lacrosse report and results 14 and 15 July 2018:

Division 3 men’s, Bendigo vs Footscray at Angliss Res. Footscray, 14/7/18

The weather smiled upon us again last Saturday and the brightness of the winter sun determined the decision of the winner at the coin toss. Footscray were able to field a very strong line-up of 15 players, with a bye in Division 1, while Bendigo continue to struggle for a bench and almost lined up with 12. With regular goamore

Match Lacrosse Report for 30/6/18:

Men’s Division, 3 Bendigo vs Malvern at Malvern Town Hall Ground.

For the Warhawks, the nice weather may stand as the only real highlight to report for this game. Rain fell all morning and for much of the drive to Malvern; then as we arrived, the cloud broke up and the ground was bathed in sunshine for most of the game and rain held off.

Malvern has obviously decided that they’re going to winmore

Match Lacrosse report 23 and 24th of June 2018:

Lacrosse report 23 and 24th of June 2018:

I’m starting with the women’s game, because they had something to celebrate…

Last Sunday afternoon, on the 24/6/18, in the bright winter sunshine at Maiden Gully, a Bendigo women’s team took the field for the first time at home in Bendigo. The MCC and Bendigo clubs have combined this year to form a team playing in Division 1. So far they are doing extrmore

Lacrosse Match Reports and other results:2 June 2018

Division 3 Bendigo vs Williamstown at Maiden Gully 2/6/18.

There’s always been something about the mood in the car when you’re driving to a game against Willy. It’s knowing that the Williamstown club will almost always put up a side that’s been carefully picked to beat yours without too much issue and that they’ll do it with that maddening, cheerful exuberance and the skillful confidence of an omore

Match Lacrosse report and results 26 May 2018:

Division 3, Bendigo vs Altona at Altona, 26/5/18.

Solid blue sky and the promise of plenty of sunshine on the solar panels made for a nice, relaxed morning and a pleasant drive to the big smoke, last Saturday. The Lynch Reserve at Altona was in great condition and we got ready to play in cool shade under the trees alongside the ground, while a Division 2 match finished up. While I was pulling onmore

LacrosseMatch Report: Lacrosse Division 3, Bendigo vs Malvern at Maiden Gully, 19/5/18

Some games you just have to move on from.

The Warhawks hosted Malvern at Maiden Gully last Saturday. The weather was fairly cold and sunny in parts, but no rain, which was good.

Malvern were running late and were short of players to begin, but eventually had tardy arrivals boost them to 12 as the first quarter progressed. Bendigo began with 12.

Initially, the teams looked evenly matched for pmore

Match Lacrosse report: Division 3, Bendigo vs Chadstone at Maiden Gully, 12/5/18.

As the Warhawks arrived at Maiden Gully last Saturday, the foul weather seen earlier in the week had now largely passed through, leaving the ground nicely watered and excellent for lacrosse. The sun even shone for some of the afternoon.
The Chadstone team turned up in stages, but eventually fielded 12 players, while Bendimore

Lacrosse report: Division 3, Bendigo vs Footscray at Maiden Gully, 5/5/18. (And some good news about

With yet another nice, sunny Saturday in Bendigo now almost seeming monotonous, the Maiden Gully oval looked a picture after rain earlier in the week. The Warhawks took the field with 13 players, while Footscray arrived with 14 to start.

The game started with a jump and a horrifically quick goal to Footscray. The Warhawks quickly realised that their usual dominance in the centre was going to bemore

Match Report Lacrosse report: Division 3, Bendigo vs Caulfield at Caulfield Park, 28/4/18.

After one of the longer car trips in Victorian lacrosse, the Warhawks arrived at Caulfield Park and were welcomed by bright sunshine. I suppose winter will eventually turn up some time, but certainly not this week.

The Bendigo team fielded 13 to start, while Caulfield could only muster 11.

The game began ugly, withmore

Match Report Division 3, Bendigo vs Eltham at Maiden Gully Oval 21/4/18.

A glorious sunny afternoon greeted players and spectators alike at Maiden Gully last Saturday afternoon. Perfect autumn conditions; in fact perhaps even a little too hot for lacrosse.
The Bendigo team started a little depleted, with a certain ex-Bendigo player showing a distinct lack of judgment by choosing a Saturday amore

Match Report: 14th April 2018, Division 3, Bendigo vs Melbourne University at Melbourne Uni

…..rained and rained and rained all Saturday morning. I had friends coming to watch the game, so I texted them at mid-day and said that maybe next week might be a better bet, with the weather app predicting 80% or better chance of rain all day. Then the kids gloomily told me they weren’more

2017 Bendigo Junior Spring Competition

It was another very warm night but it was all worth wild with a very tight finals series.

Thursday 30 November 2017

Cheyenne Cherokee 5 defeated Navajo Sioux 2

Cheyenne Cherokee 5

MVP: C Iuliano, A O'Sullivan, S O'Sullivan
Goals: 3 C Iuliano. 1 J Purdy, J McLean
Assists: 4 A O'Sullivan, 1 C Iuliano


Navajo Sioux 2

MVP: G Guest, M Byrne, M Slow

Match Report Lacrosse Division 3, Bendigo vs Footscray at Maiden Gully Oval, Bendigo, 26/8/17

...and thus another season closed for the Warhawks. A season that shows just how far we’ve come as players and as a team, with the regular floggings of 2009 now a distant memory.

The Warhawks arrived at Maiden Gully under overcast but otherwise ideal conditions in which to play lacrosse (although the ground could use a mow). Fourteen Warhawks lined up to play, while Footscray started with amore

Match report Lacrosse Division 3, 19/8/17 Bendigo vs Melbourne Uni at Melbourne Uni

The Warhawks convened at the Park St ground at Royal Park in Brunswick and with earlier signs of bad weather moving on, the sun became a real consideration for team captains at the toss for ends. It was chilly, but great for running around in. The ground was soft and the cricket pitch area a little treacherous, but nothing to whine about.

Bendigo had 13 on the sheet to start, while Melbourne Unmore

Match Report Lacrosse Division 3, Bendigo vs Caulfield at Maiden Gully, 5/8/17.

Last Saturday the weather on the drive up to Bendigo looked like it could be bleak, but in the course of the afternoon, it turned out to be perfect conditions to play lacrosse in: overcast, cold, but with no rain until about 10 minutes after the game finished.

The Warhawks had 14 players to start, Caulfield had 12. Last time we’d played Caulfield we’d been slow to score and had only just won tmore

Lacrosse Division 3, Bendigo v Altona at Paisley Park Altona, 29/7/17.

Bendigo travelled down to Altona’s home ground to face Altona/Wyndham, with thirteen players. It was a very clear sunny day but with a howling wind which caused our bus operator to drive 10 to 20K below the speed limit.

Altona were a few positions below Bendigo on the ladder, but the Warhawks knew not to take this game lightly. There were 16 Altona players that lined up even though there were 1more

Lacrosse Division 3, Bendigo v Chadstone at Maiden Gully, 22/7/17.

I think there is one more game before we see our beloved scribe come back, Mr John Webb!

Today was Alex Orr’s 100th game for Bendigo. Well done Champ!

Bendigo were playing Chadstone at home, who thrashed the Warhawks by 21 goals in their previous encounter this year. This was due to Chadstone dropping 5 Div 1 players to play in their Div 3 side!

It was going to be the same scenario wheremore

Lacrosse Division 3, Bendigo v Eltham at Maiden Gully, 15/7/17. The Webb Family Cup

Yes, John Webb is still away and you’re stuck with me again!

Today Bendigo Warhawks were playing for the Webb Family Cup against Eltham at Maiden Gully Rec Res, who were last year’s premiers. Furthermore, win this game and Bendigo could secure a top four position.

Again the weather was prefect, it was a beautiful balmy sunny but coolish afternoon. The Warhawks had 14 players as wells asmore

Match Report Div 3 Bendigo v Malvern 1 July 2017

A note for all readers Bendigo’s regular scribe is away on leave with family, so I’ll try to keep the high standard set by John Webb.
The Bendigo Warhawks gathered at Maiden Gully Rec Res awaiting Malvern to arrive. It was reported to be minus 3o C this morning, but turned out to be a pleasant calm sunny afternoon. The Warhawks had 1more

Match Report Lacrosse Division 3, Footscray vs Bendigo at Footscray, 17/6/17.

The Bendigo Warhawks assembled at Angliss Reserve in Footscray on Saturday, to take on top side, Footscray. A little confusion over which of the brand-spanking, new change rooms to use was soon cleared up, and the Warhawks warmed up with 15 players, in pleasant, warm sunshine on a flat well-mown strip. Footscray had 14 to start.

Match Report on Division 3, Bendigo vs Caulfield at Caulfield, 3/6/17.

Blimey, it’s a long way to Caulfield. Lots of time to think about the game ahead: Will the museum-grade gear hold together? Will the knees hold together? Will I be walking on Sunday? Can I get the “Player Mode” switch in my head to work? That switch is so maddeningly hit-or-miss, these days. Can we ever get that man-up play to work….?

The Warhawks arrived in sunshine and we were treated to plemore

Match Report Div 3. Chadstone vs Bendigo at Chadstone. 20th May 2017

The temptation to turn a match report into a long-winded whinge about the unfair nature of our competition is pretty strong, but I’ll do my best to resist....

The Warhawks packed the vehicles with provisions and trekked out east to Chadstone on Saturday. The weather had looked grim all morning, but we arrived and were bathed in bright sunshine all afternoon (a goalie’s nightmare at the non-clmore

Match Report Div 3 Bendigo v Eltham 6 May 2017

The long drive to Eltham was pleasant in cloudless sunshine, but things changed as we prepared for the game and by the start of the match, persistent light rain set the scene for the rest of the afternoon. The ground was heavy, with long grass and slippery mud at the Main Rd end. But then, it wouldn’t be Eltham without the mud; even in early May.

Both teams began with eleven players and the Eltmore

Match Report Divn 3 lacrosse, 22/4/17, Bendigo vs Malvern at Malvern Town Hall ground

Last Saturday the Warhawks opened their 2017 season with a trip to the elegant Malvern Town Hall ground to take on Malvern. As usual there was trepidation about the cricket pitch area of that ground (also referred to as “our worst nightmare” by the guy doing the line-marking), which usually varies from black, rock hardmore

Women Play Lacrosse – A History of the International Field Game

Jim Calder & Ron Fletcher are the co-authors of a new book “Women Play Lacrosse – A History of the International Field Game” – which was launched for the first time in Scotland in 2015 during the FIL U19 World Championship. This book captures the 125-plus years of history of women’s field lacrosse. Readers will get the inside stories on some of tmore

LV Senior Secondary School Comp REPORT 2016

Every Thursday lunchtime in the gym for the last 7 weeks was going to pay off today. A very positive and determined team set off for Pasley Park, Altona to take part in the annual schools’ lacrosse tournament. We finally left Bendigo (nice one Alyssa) and unusually, the closer we got to Melbourne the better the daymore

Lacrosse Match Report Division 3, Bendigo vs Altona at Altona, 20/8/16

On Saturday, the Warhawks made their way to Paisley Park, Altona and under bright sunshine and on a remarkably good surface, did their final warm-up and stretches for the season while the Altona team began to slowly appear at the sideline.

Earlier in the year when the Bendigo lads played this team and were beaten, they looked well-matched in general play, but couldn’tmore

Match Report Lacrosse, Division 3, Bendigo vs Footscray at Bendigo, 13/8/16.

A pleasant Spring-like afternoon in Bendigo greeted my car load of kids and dogs on Saturday. And I was heartened to see a good turnout in maroon and even more so to see lower numbers in green and white. Footscray sent up ten players, with stalwart Greg Mollison forced into a bench coaching role with a crook hand. Bendigo fielded 14.

I believe a quarter by quarter breakdown is unnecessary for tmore

Match report Lacrosse division 3, Bendigo vs Chadstone at Maiden Gully, 30/7/16

After a muddy training last Thursday, I’d just got the boots back to clean and dry condition, when one look at the Maiden Gully ground on Saturday told me I’d wasted my time. There was still grass on it, but it was heavy going. Ground balls splashed and had to be dug out and shaken to clear the mud. Late season games are often lmore

Lacrosse Match Report on division 3 Bendigo vs Melbourne Uni, 23/7/16

On a cold Saturday afternoon the Warhawks made their way to Brunswick to take on Melbourne University at home. The ground was in miraculously good order after much rain in preceding weeks and after the game I was able to simply knock some wet grass off my boots and re-stow them clean.

University were customarily slow to arrive, but eventually started the game with 14 players and had a stragglmore

Lacrosse Match Report, Division 3, Bendigo vs Malvern played at Albert Ground 9/7/16

With the last few weeks being almost entirely rainy, it was pleasant to be greeted by bright sunshine last Saturday, and to have it stay that way for the whole day.
The Warhawks travelled to Albert Ground where Malvern were hosting games for the day. An early morning text message, asking if my brother Mal mightmore


We’ve been selected to participate in Local Matters at Grill’d Bendigo this July!

Local Matters is the Grill’d community donation program that sees each Grill’d restaurant donate $500 back into the community every month. The donation is split between 3 local community groups $300 / $100 / $100.


We’d love your support in receiving the highest $300 donation! Simplmore

Match Report Div 3 , 25 June 2016 Bendigo v Footscray

Lacrosse Division 3, 25/6/16, Bendigo vs Footscray at Yarraville.
After a very good win against Caulfield, Bendigo travelled to Melbourne’s western suburbs to play against Footscray. We had twelve starting players with Vincent as an emergency to play, ref or scorekeeper. He ended up scoring for the team, which was very appreciative. At 9.00pm Friday night Bendigo was informed that the ALRA refmore

Match Report Division 3, 18/6/16, Bendigo vs Caulfield at Bendigo.

Lacrosse Division 3, 18/6/16, Bendigo vs Caulfield at Bendigo.
After a week off, with the annoying niggles, sprains and contusions of a fortnight previous becoming a mere painful memory, the Warhawks arrived at Maiden Gully feeling refreshed and ready to play. The weather was fairly bleak, but we had few moments in the sun during the day and it was a good day for lacrosse. The ground was a bit mumore

Match Report 4/6/16, Division 3 Bendigo vs Altona at Lynch Res. Altona.

Heavy cloud and a dark threat of rain formed the ominous backdrop for the drive to Altona last Saturday. Misty rain fell for much of the day, but the ground was in good order. The Warhawks arrived with eleven players, including an injured Ian Lock, who with a show of pluck, put his hand up for goalie. Altona had 12 to start.
The game began with both teams taking a while to work themselves in.more

Report on div 3 lacrosse. Bendigo vs Chadstone at Chadstone 28/5/16

On Saturday, the weather was keeping us guessing on the long drive to Chadstone, but as luck would have it, the rain held off until about 15 minutes after the end of the game.
Numbers for Bendigo were looking a little dire again, with 11 to start, while Chadstone asked if they could play an extra and so had 17. No matter the mmore

Match Report 21 May 2016 Round 6 Bendigo v Melbourne University.

It was a cloudy but nice day for lacrosse. Earlier in the week Melb Uni requested an early start of 1.30pm which Bendigo agreed. Bendigo had thirteen players suited up with the return of Timmy Davies. However there were three players sidelined due to injury, work or wedding function.
On Thursday it was discovered that there no ALRA referee assigned to this match, and Bendigo was told that Melbmore

Lacrosse Match Report U13 Friendly between Surrey Park and Bendigo 14 May 2016

The bus was waiting for the team at Londonderry Reserve next to Girton. One by one they arrived: Christian, Penny, Matthew, Patrick, Henry, Charlotte and Sebastian. We had seven eager and excited players not knowing what to expect. We left Bendigo at 7.45am.
The players were informed to take this game as an expermore

Lacrosse Report. Division 3 Bendigo vs Williamstown at Maiden Gully Rec Res 7/5/16.

On Saturday afternoon a few of the boys got to Maiden Gully Rec Res early to prepare the ground for our first home ground of the season. The ground was set up and ready go by 1.30pm.

It was a waiting game for the rest of the Bendigo Boys to arrive and face the mighty Williamstown team. Williamstown boys arrived in their hire bus at 2.05pm, they were in a bit of a hurry to get changed andmore

Match report: Division 3 Melbourne High Old Boys vs Bendigo 30/4/16

A gloomy morning that promised rain at Lancefield, became a magnificent Autumn day at Royal Park. I shed my jumper as I got out of the car and never needed it again all afternoon. We had an early start (12:45) for our game, and Bendigo took the field with low numbers again (13), while MHOBs boasted a bench of 6.more

Match Report 16 April 2016 Rnd 1 Div 3 Bendigo v Eltham

Lacrosse report. Division 3 Bendigo vs Eltham at Eltham 16/4/16.

On Saturday morning the Bendigo team boarded the mini-bus to Eltham for an early start (12:30) at Lower Eltham Park. It was always going to be a big day. We played Eltham at Eltham as our last game of last season, and with depleted numbers, we were roundly thrashed. So we had been practicing hard with that in mind and we hoped tomore

Finals Results 17-12-2015 - 6th Bendigo Junior Lacrosse Competition - Spring 2015,

Thursday 17 December 2015

It was line ball whether the games were going to proceed or have penalty shoot out to decide all positions.

Luckily for most players and organisers the temperature did not venture over 35C, as Bendigo Lacrosse Association Policy is that the games would have been cancelled if the temperature was 36C or higher.

Due to the high temperature the games were modifiemore

2015 LV Senior Secondary Competition -BSSC Ladies

Players: Mikayla Rigney, Shannon Taylor, Bronte Annand, Taylor Harvey, Shannon O'Sullivan, Alyssa Gilbee, Annalisa Hinton, Hannah Mika and Peyton Kilgower

The day started with a couple of girls not being able to attend, however we had enough numbers to field a team with one interchange.

The ladies were given the competition rules as they arrived at QEO to board the bus to Paisley Park Almore

Match Report 1 August 2015 Bendigo v MCC

Saturday was a chilly and overcast day and we had a fairly wet Maiden Gully ground to play on.
Bendigo started with 12 players, while MCC had 13 to start, and Gino’s experienced eye noted a couple of extra players added in from the last time we played them.

MCC jumped the Warhawks, putting on three quick goals before Bendigo could score through a strange looking shot off a missed pass that Ianmore

Match Report 25 July 2015 Bendigo v Williamstown

On Saturday it was pretty cold, but turned out to be a nice afternoon to play lacrosse. Not windy and with a little sun.
The Williamstown club arrived in a full bus and as they unloaded their gear, I gloomily surveyed the usual Willy talent-fest with a heavy heart. They had 16 players ready to play by 2:30. Bendigo starmore

Match Report: 11 July 2015 Rnd 12 Bendigo v Caulfield at Caulfield Park

Match report: 11/7/15, Division 3, Bendigo v Caulfield at Caulfield Park
All the way from Lancefield to Caulfield it either poured, or looked like it would in a minute. Icy big drops. All morning, the radio forecasts had been grimly warning of blizzard conditions and hail that would rake the pitch during the afternoon. Happily, it never happened and while we had dark, cold conditions, the rain hemore

LV 2015 Under 11 Lightning Carnival - Saturday 30 May 2015

2015 Under 11 Lightning Carnival (Kangaroo Division)

The Bendigo Lacrosse Association was excited to enter a team in the U11 Lightning Carnival this year. The players who made the commitment to train and play for Bendigo were:

Oliver Hannaford “Dotters” 1
Joana McLean “Macca” 2
Christian Iuliano “Rookie” 3
Henry Livingstone “Raven” 4
Morgon O’Meara “more

Match report 27 June 2015 Rnd 10 Bendigo v Malvern

Lacrosse report: Division 3, 27/6/15, Maiden Gully. Bendigo v Malvern
Last Saturday, the Warhawks hosted Malvern at Maiden Gully ground. A gloomy and overcast day greeted arriving players, and at the toss of the coin, sun position had no bearing on chosen end.
Bendigo defence had key omissions with Ty and Dion Griffin unable to play and Mark Reader injured and coaching from the bench. So Marty Bmore

Match Report 20 June 2015 Rnd 10 Bendigo vs MCC

On Saturday, the Warhawks travelled to Albert Park to take on MCC. It’s always a pleasure just to arrive at the historic Albert Cricket Ground and such a nice change from the recovered tip sites, rough footy ovals and odd-shaped spare Council parkland that usually serves as division 3 lacrosse fields.
The weather was fine, and chilly. Great to play in.

The Warhawks were short of midfieldemore

Match Report 30 May 2015 Rnd 8 Bendigo v Williamstown

On Saturday, the Warhawks travelled to bay side Newport on a lovely sunny afternoon. However it didn’t last long, as soon as we arrived at the ground the clouds started to roll in with cold winds from the North West blowing hard. Yep, winter is only a day away.
The Williamstown team was a very different team from whenmore

Match Report 23 May 2015 Rnd 7 Bendigo v Caulfield

On Saturday, the Warhawks hosted Caulfield on a glorious, bright and sunny afternoon. A last hoorah for Autumn.
The Caulfield team arrived in stages, and we were only able to face-off going towards 3pm. Caulfield had16 to start, Bendigo had 14.
The game was reasonably even in the first quarter, with Caulfield kept to 2 and Bendigo able to score once, through a good shot from Jarrod Topp-Lowe afmore

Match Report 16 May 2015 Rnd 6 Malvern v Bendigo

On Saturday, the Warhawks travelled to Caulfield Park to take on Malvern. The weather was clear and sunny (even something a bit like balmy) as we warmed up to play. Malvern had 15 to start and Bendigo 13.
The game was a lopsided affair, with Malvern controlling the lion’s share of possession throughout. Their ball movement and stmore

Match Report 9 May 2015 Rnd 5 Bendigo v Melb Uni

On Saturday, the Warhawks travelled to Parkville to battle Melbourne University under threatening skies and a prediction of showers. However, they never came, and we even had some sun to shoot with in the third quarter.
Uni had a predominantly-youthful 16 to start, Bendigo had 13.
Bendigo got the opening goal through Alex Orr, as he shruggemore

Match Report 2 May 2015 Rnd 4 Bendigo v MCC

Another awesome, sunny Autumn Saturday at Maiden Gully, and the Bendigo Warhawks hosted the MCC division 3 team. Coming off a confidence-building win the week before, the Warhawks felt that they had a definite chance to make it two in a row.
MCC started with 10 players, but eventually had 11 to play, Bendigo had 13. The opening quarmore

Match Report 25 April 2015 Rnd 3 Footscray vs Bendigo

Well, I may as well start out by saying WE HAD A WIN!!!

On Saturday, the Warhawks assembled at Angliss Reserve in Footscray, with some dirty clouds overhead and a wet, slippery surface to warm up on. However, turning up to this club is always a great catch up. People stick around the Footscray club forever and walking in, me and the older guys in our club got a few familiar “G’days”. While I mamore

Match Report 18 April 2015 Rnd 2 Bendigo v Eltham

Match Report on Division 3 Lacrosse, Bendigo vs Eltham at Maiden Gully 18/4/15
A beautiful clear Autumn day and a few close sets at the kids’ tennis had me running a bit late coming into Bendigo. Nearly there......until I remembered that Maiden Gully is still about ten minutes away. I needn’t have worried, Eltham were still waiting on a car load to turn up to get a bare ten. Bendigo had 12 to stamore

Match Report 11 April 2015 Rnd 1 Bendigo v Williamstown

The first game for 2015. Hoping for a fixture draw to ease us into the season, instead, our opening round saw us travel to Greenwich Reserve, a maritime setting in a nice part of Williamstown, where we were greeted by a young Williamstown side, spearheaded by ex-Australian player Darren Gibson. Not an entirely happy prospect. The Warhawks managed to field 12 players, while Williamstown had a fullmore
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