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2016 Program

April 9

South Gawler v Tanunda

Barossa v Freeling

Angaston   v Gawler Central

Nuriootpa v Willaston

Kapunda bye

April 16

Tanunda v Kapunda

Freeling v South Gawler

Gawler Central v Barossa

Willaston  v Angaston

Nuriootpa bye

April 23

Kapunda  v Freeling

 Mickan/Shanahan Cup/Pitman Medal

South Gawler v Gawler Central

Barossa v Willaston at Lyndoch

April 25

Angaston  v Nuriootpa

Tanunda bye

April 30

Gawler Central v Kapunda

Willaston  v South Gawler

 Heinrich/McGahan Cup

Nuriootpa v Barossa

Freeling v Tanunda

Angaston bye        

May 7     

Kapunda v Willaston

South Gawler v Nuriootpa

Barossa v Angaston

Tanunda v Gawler Central

Freeling bye

May 14                    

Nuriootpa v Kapunda

Angaston  v South Gawler

Blue & White Cup/McGrath Medal

Willaston   v Tanunda

Gawler Central v Freeling

Barossa bye

May 21

Kapunda   v Angaston

South Gawler v Barossa

Tanunda v Nuriootpa

 George Heath Cup

Freeling v Willaston

Gawler Central bye

May 28

Barossa v Kapunda

Angaston   v Tanunda

Nuriootpa v Freeling

Willaston  v Gawler Central

 Stephen Connelly Cup

South Gawler bye

June 4

Kapunda   v South Gawler

Tanunda v Barossa

Freeling v Angaston

Gawler Central v Nuriootpa

Willaston bye

June 11

Long weekend bye

June 18

Tanunda v South Gawler

Freeling v Barossa

Gawler Central v Angaston

Willaston   v Nuriootpa

Kapunda bye

June 25

Kapunda   v Tanunda

South Gawler v Freeling

Barossa v Gawler Central

Angaston   v Willaston

Nuriootpa bye

July 2

Freeling v Kapunda

Gawler Central v South Gawler

 Tom Symes Cup

Willaston  v Barossa

Nuriootpa v Angaston

 Rosenberg/Schubert Cup

Tanunda bye


July 9-10

Zone Championships in Port Lincoln


July 16 MAC/BLG Safety Round

Kapunda  v Gawler Central

Barossa v Nuriootpa

South Gawler v Willaston

Tanunda v Freeling

Angaston bye

July 23

Willaston v Kapunda

Nuriootpa v South Gawler

Angaston  v Barossa

Gawler Central v Tanunda

Freeling bye

July 30

Kapunda  v Nuriootpa

South Gawler v Angaston

Tanunda v Willaston

Freeling v Gawler Central

Barossa bye

August 6

Angaston v Kapunda

Barossa v South Gawler

Nuriootpa v Tanunda

Willaston  v Freeling

Gawler Central bye

August 13            

Kapunda v Barossa

Tanunda v Angaston

Heidenreich Cup/Kleinig Medal

Freeling v Nuriootpa

Gawler Central v Willaston

South Gawler bye

August 20

South Gawler v Kapunda

Barossa v Tanunda

Angaston v Freeling

Nuriootpa v Gawler Central

Willaston bye


August 27

First Semi Final hosted by Gawler Central


September 3

Second Semi Final hosted by Angaston


September 10

Preliminary Final hosted by Freeling


September 17

Grand Final hosted by Willaston


Barossa Light & Gawler FA Scoreboard