Game Day Roles

In the lead up to each game, an event will be posted in Team App with all of the details regarding the venue and times relating to your match.  A DUTY ROSTER will also be attached in the event showing who is rostered on for each game day role.

If your child is not going to be in attendance for that game, please let your Team Manager know ASAP so they can swap your duty to the following week.

If your child is participating in the game, a representative from your family required to fill the role as rostered.

The link below will take you to a list of documents covering each role that needs to be filled on game day.

Please have a read through the one that applies to what you have been asked to do.

We are obliged by the EDFL to fill these roles and will be fined if they are not done correctly.

We remind all players that it is a condition of registering with the Taylors Lakes Football Club that you will assist the Club. 

We are run ENTIRELY by volunteers and appreciate everyone's help to play the game that we love. 

The Duty Rosters will be issued early each week, so you will have plenty of time to read up on what is involved. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have so you are well prepared prior to game day and able to do your part.

Please be advised that our March 2018 Committee Meeting, it was ratified that children of parents who do not fill their rostered duty on game day will unfortunately have to spend time on the bench until their parent/guardian fulfills their obligation.

If you have any questions regarding these roles, please contact Julie 0409 259 389

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