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20/08/2018 Changes to C-Res (Ladies Grade) Rules
26/07/2018 New Social Media Channels
26/07/2018 Working Bee
26/07/2018 Key Season Dates
19/06/2018 School Holiday Try Softball Clinic
14/06/2018 O35s Finish in 3rd Place
08/06/2018 O35s State Championships on this weekend
08/06/2018 U19s State Results
02/06/2018 MWSA U19s heading to State Championships
02/06/2018 2018 Open Representative Team and State League Team
11/04/2018 O35s Rep Trials
09/04/2018 U17s State Results
06/04/2018 U17s heading to State Championships
06/04/2018 Trials for U19s Representative Team
04/04/2018 Teeballers finish Runners Up at State Championships
29/03/2018 Teeballers heading to State Championships
12/03/2018 U17s Win Shark Bite Tournament
12/03/2018 Semi Final Round Up
07/03/2018 Semi Final Week
05/03/2018 U17s at Cumberland
20/11/2017 U15s Trials
19/02/2018 Successful Day for our U11 and U17 teams
13/11/2017 U13s Finish 3rd at the State Championships
19/02/2018 Congratulations Tarni & Jade
20/11/2017 U17s Trials
08/02/2018 Player Recruitment Workshop
19/12/2017 Rep Raffle Winners
13/11/2017 2017 Rep Presentation Night
19/12/2017 Fund Raising Success
07/11/2017 U13s Headed to State Championships
04/12/2017 Maree Hayden Day
05/11/2017 Teeball trials cancelled
30/10/2017 Summer Clothing Range
27/10/2017 Help Linley to Grow Softball
18/09/2017 Softball NSW Awards Dinner
19/05/2017 NSW CHS Team Selections
12/10/2017 NSW Team Selections
12/09/2017 U15s Runners Up at State Championships
24/04/2017 U17s State Champions!
03/10/2017 Big Weekend for MWSA!
05/09/2017 Everything You Need For the New Season
21/04/2017 U17 State Championships this weekend
29/09/2017 Opens Heading to State Championships
05/09/2017 U15s Heading to State Championships
19/04/2017 Teeballers Win State Championships
22/09/2017 Diamond Changes For Round 3
29/08/2017 Nominations For MWSA Opens Team
13/04/2017 Congratulations Tarni and Bree
10/08/2017 O35s Runners Up at State Championships
13/04/2017 Teeball State Championships
10/08/2017 U15s win in Newcastle
04/04/2017 O35s Trials Rescheduled
14/06/2017 New MWSA Hoodies Now Available
27/03/2017 Congratulations Flora Van Der Heide
05/06/2017 U19s Runners Up at State Championships
27/03/2017 Juniors Represent at Blacktown
02/06/2017 U19s State Championships
27/03/2017 Grand Final Day Results
25/03/2017 The Games are On!
24/03/2017 Grand Final Draw
24/03/2017 U19s Trials Rescheduled
22/03/2017 O35s Trials Deferred...Again!
20/03/2017 U19s Trials Deferred....Again!
18/03/2017 All Games Cancelled
17/03/2017 Wet Weather Arrangements
15/03/2017 Trials Deferred due to the Weather
14/03/2017 Finals Week Draw
09/03/2017 MWSA Annual General Meeting
06/03/2017 Semi Final Draw
03/03/2017 All Games Cancelled
06/03/2017 U19 and Winter League Trials
27/02/2017 Teeballers Survive the Wet at Cumberland
20/02/2017 U17 Seabreeze Tournament
30/01/2017 National and Regional Championships
20/12/2016 Australian Softball Championships
15/11/2016 U15 Trials
15/11/2016 U15s Runners Up at State Championships
15/11/2016 State League Finals Series
15/11/2016 U17 Trials
15/11/2016 Modball Trials
15/11/2016 Teeball Trials
15/11/2016 Opens win State Championships
14/11/2016 Ozpitch is Back
14/11/2016 Nathan Organ Elected to Softball NSW Board
14/11/2016 Softball NSW Awards
14/11/2016 U13s win State Championships
10/05/2016 U17s win State Championships
11/04/2016 Teeballers win State Championships

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Wet Weather

The golden rule is the games are on unless you hear otherwise.

A decision on morning games will be made by 7:30am and afternoon games by 12:00pm.

To see if anything has changed:

  1. Check this website - it will be bold and obvious if the games are cancelled.
  2. Check wet weather bounceback number is updated - please SMS "MWSA" to 0428 985 410 - for the cost of a normal text message.