Welcome to the website of the South Camberwell Basketball Club - SCBC

About Us

The South Camberwell Basketball Club (SCBC) began in the early 1990’s

The South Camberwell Basketball Club currently has around 300 boys and girls having a lot of fun playing in the Hawthorn Basketball Association. There are approximately 32 teams - around 19 boys teams and 13 girls teams - competing in various age divisions from Under 9 through to Under 20.  There are players from a variety of schools in the area - attending Camberwell South Primary is certainly not a prerequisite to joining or forming a team in the SCBC.

A large number of SCBC players have earned roles in the Basketbell Hawthorn association representative teams “Hawthorn Magic”.  These children represent the HBA in competition across Melbourne and Victoria.

SCBC - It is a Not For Profit Community Sporting Group run by volunteers

Volunteers to assist are always being sought.