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WDNA Key Dates For 2022

WDNA Key Dates For 2022more

Registrations for 2022 are now open.

Registrations for 2022 are now open.

Registrations close strictly on Jan 28, 2022.more

WDNA Has Published Its Covid 19 Vaccination Requirements Policy

October 2nd 2021. WDNA has published its Covid 19 Vaccination Requirements Policy.more

Spring Grand Finals - Malvern Teams Win 2 Premierships, 4 Teams are Runners-up


WDNA 2019 Spring Grand Finals

The 2019 WDNA Spring Grand Finals will be contested this Saturday, December 7

Six Malvern teams have won their way through.more

Spring Season Finals Are Here!

WDNA 2019 Spring Season Finals Are Upon Us.

The Semi Finals will be played this Saturday, November 30. The winners of the Semis go through to play the top team from each section in the Grand Finals on Saturday, December 7.more

2019 Winter Season Concludes-Malvern Teams Win Four Premierships!

Winter Grand Final day 2019 , August 10, was a trying day. Very cold, wet and windy, and miraculously no games were shortened by weather.more

Grand Finals This Saturday - Seven Malvern teams will be competing!

This Saturday's Grand Finals will see seven Malvern teams playing off for premierships. Here are the results from last Saturday's preliminary finals.more

Semi Final Results - Preliminary Finals this Saturday

Semi Final Results - Preliminary Finals this Saturdaymore

Semi Finals This Saturday

The 2019 WDNA Winter Season Finals Series starts this Saturday, July 27.
Each week, 20 teams represent The Malvern Netball Club. Of these, 14 play for points and ladder position.
11 of these teams have qualified to play in the finals.more

Malvern Scorchers, Sandstorm & Lightning are all Premiers!

The WDNA Spring Grand Finals were played on Saturday, December 15 in humid, stormy conditions.
Three Malvern teams were playing, and all three were successful on the day.more

WDNA Grand Finals are contested this Saturday, December 15.

Malvern Scorchers, Junior 21, having won their semi final last week, play at 12 noon.
Malvern Sandstorm, Junior 15, play at 12 noon.
Malvern Lightning, Junior 8, play at 2.30pm.

Good luck to each of these teams.
Go Malvern!more

Two Malvern Teams Are Premiers

The WDNA Winter Grand Finals were held on Saturday, August 25, 2018.

Four Malvern teams played and the results were......more

Four Malvern Teams In Grand Finals This Saturday, August 25

Four Malvern teams play off in WDNA Grand Finals this Saturday, August 25.

Malvern Scorchers and Malvern Thunder play off in the Junior 21 Grand Final at 10.50am.
Malvern Waves, Junior 2, play at 1.15pm.
Malvern Lightning, Junior 9, play at 2.30pm.

Good luck to all these Malvern Teams!more

2018 Winter Season Finals start Saturday!

The 2018 WDNA Winter Finals Series takes place over the next two Saturdays.

8 Malvern teams have won their way to the finals and will play this Saturday in the semi finals.
1st plays 4th and 2nd plays 3rd, with the winners playing off in the Grand Finals on August 25.more

Goodbye to the Asphalt at Ashwood...3 Malvern Teams are Premiers!

The WDNA courts at Ashwood are being resurfaced over the summer so the 2017 Spring Grand Finals were the last to be contested on the old, asphalt courts. 5 Malvern teams competed in Grand Finals, with 3 being successful, two finishing runners-up.more

Spring Season Grand Finals This Saturday September 23

There are 5 Malvern teams playing off in WDNA Spring Season Grand Finals this Saturday September 23 at the Ashwood Courts.

Malvern Sandstorm Junior 17 play at 12 noon
Malvern Blaze Junior 14 play at 12 noon
Malvern Lightning Junior 13 play at 12 noon
Malvern Tremors Junior 5 play at 3.45pm
Malvern Hurricanes Open 3 play at 3.45pm

Good luck to all of these teams. Go Malvern!more

Malvern Teams Win 4 Premierships!

6 Malvern teams contested WDNA Grand Finals in blustery conditions on Saturday, July 29 2017.
Lightning and Avalanches were Runners-up.
Typhoons, Heat, Hailstones and Waves were Premiersmore

6 Malvern Teams in Grand Finals This Saturday!


2017 Winter Finals Time!

The WDNA Winter Finals Series is upon us and 11 Malvern teams will be playing this Saturdaymore

2017 Winter Season begins Saturday Feb 25!

Fixtures are available on the WDNA website.

Under 9 and 11 fixtures at :

Juniors fixtures at :

Open fixtures at :


Seven Malvern Teams Play Off In Spring Grand Finals

Seven Malvern teams won their way to the WDNA Spring Grand Finals played on Saturday December 10 2016.more

Malvern Teams Win 4 Premierships

Malvern Lightning Premiers u13/7
Malvern Blaze Premiers u13/6
Malvern Waves Premiers u15/2
Malvern Tremors Premiers u15/1
Malvern Flames Runners Up u17/5
Malvern Frostbites Runners Up u17/6
Malvern Avalanches Runners Up u17/3
Malvern Glaciers Runners Up Open 4more

Grand Finals This Saturday. Eight Malvern Teams Will Be Playing!

Eight Malvern teams have made this week's WDNA Grand Finals, Saturday August 13.

Playing are

Lightning u13/7 at 10.50am
Blaze u13/6 at 12 noon
Tremors u15/1 at 1.15pm
Waves u15/2 at 1.15pm
Flames u17/5 at 2.30pm
Frostbites u17/6 at 3.45pm
Avalanches u17/3 at 3.45pm
Glaciers Open 4 at 3.45pm

The matches are played at the WDNA courts in Ashwood.more

Finals Time. 13 Malvern Teams To Contest Finals!

13 Malvern Teams have finished in the final four and will be playing in Semi Finals this Saturday, July 30.more

2016 Winter Season Starts Saturday, Feb 27!

The 2016 Winter Netball Season starts this Saturday, February 27. Be sure to contact your Coach and let them know of your availability.more

3 Malvern Teams in Grand Finals this Saturday Dec 12 2015

There are three Malvern teams that will contest Grand Finals this Saturday, December 12 2015.

At 10.50am Malvern Whirlwinds will play PLC Tigers
At 12noon Malvern Waves will play St Mary's Fireworks
At 2.30pm Malvern Tremors will play Ashburton Sapphires.

Good luck to each of these teams!
Go Malvern!more

Preliminary Final Results December 5 2015

Malvern had 4 teams competing in Preliminary Finals on Saturday December 5.
The conditions were hot and humid, and some games were brought forward to earlier time slots to avoid the heat.
u13/6 Malvern Whirlwinds 19 d Malvern Cyclones 7
u15/2 Ashburton Sapphires 19 d Malvern Storm 17
u17/2 St Mary's Cyclones 27 d Malvern Gales 16

Whirlwinds progress to the Grand Final.more

Kalkaringi Tournament Sunday Sept 13 2015

On Sunday September 13, Malvern fielded a team of 9 girls in a WDNA organised tournament that allowed a netball team from Kalkaringi in the Northern Territory to have a big city netball experience.
24 teams competed on a beautiful spring day, and a great time was had by all.more

Malvern Teams Win 6 Premierships

15th August 2015

Malvern Cyclones Runners-up u13/6
Malvern Waves Premiers u13/1
Malvern Storm Premiers u15/4
Malvern Tremors Premiers u15/3
Malvern Avalanches Premiers u15/2
Malvern Thunder Runners-up u17/5
Malvern Gales Premiers u17/3
Malvern Glaciers Premiers u17/2
Malvern Hurricanes Runners-up u19/1

Well done to each of these teams!more

Nine Malvern Teams In Grand Finals This Saturday!

Nine Malvern teams have made this week's WDNA Grand Finals, Saturday August 15.

Playing in Grand Finals are

Cyclones u/13 6 at 10.50am
Waves u/13 1 at 12 noon
Storm u/15 4 at 12 noon
Tremors u/15 3 at 1.15pm
Avalanches u/15 2 at 1.15pm
Thunder u/17 5 at 1.15pm
Gales u/17 3 at 2.30pm
Glaciers u/17 2 at 2.30pm
Hurricanes u/19 1 at 2.30pmmore

11 Malvern Teams In Finals This Saturday!

20 Malvern teams play each Saturday in the WDNA.
6 of these, the Under 11 teams play in competitions that have no finals.
Of the other 14 teams, 11 have made the final four and will be playing in finals this Saturday August 2ndmore

Half Way! Round 7, Winter 2015 Update

At the half way mark of the Winter Season, 11 Malvern teams are in finals positions!more

WDNA Key Dates Are Available...


Registrations For 2015 Are Now Open!

Registrations for the 2015 Netball season are now open.

Go to OR

Registrations are only accepted on line and will close strictly on 13 February 2015.more

Malvern Teams Win 3 Premierships - Dec 13 2014

Five Malvern teams contested Spring Grand Finals on Saturday, December 13 2014

Tornadoes u13/7 lost to St Cecilia's Comets 6 - 16
Hailstones u13/6 defeated PLC Blues 19 - 14
Flames u15/6 defeated PLC Blaze 20-19
Gales u15/2 lost to Lloyd St Lightning 21 - 35
Glaciers u17/3 defeated Lloyd St Lynx 15 - 14

Well done to all Malvern players who contested the Spring Season!more

Malvern Has Five Teams In Grand Finals This Saturday

Malvern has five teams attempting to win Spring Premierships this Saturday, December 13 2014. They are

Malvern Tornadoes u13/7 play at 10.50am
Malvern Hailstones u13/6 at 12 noon.
Malvern Flames u15/6 at 1.15pm.
Malvern Gales u15/2 at 2.30pm.
Malvern Glaciers u17/3 at 2.30pm.
We wish each of these teams all the best.

For more information go to

Go Malvern!more

2014 Spring Finals Start This Saturday

Ten Malvern teams will participate in the 2014 Spring Finals Series starting Saturday, Dec 6.more

Spring Season Starts This Saturday, September 6.

The spring fixtures have been published.
Please go to

Malvern teams win 5 Premierships from 5 Grand Finals!

August 16th 2014.
Malvern Waves 24 d St Michael’s Storm 19. U13/5
Malvern Flames 22 d Sacre Coeur Diamonds 19. U15/6
Malvern Avalanches 26 d Lloyd St Lasers 22. U15/5
Malvern Gales 37 d Essex Heights Sparrows 27. U15/3
Malvern Hurricanes 33 d St Benedict’s Angels 27. U17/2
A great effort on the part of all the teams.
Congratulations to all who played.more

Five Malvern Teams In Grand Finals This Saturday!

Malvern has five teams vying for premiership honours this Saturday, August 16 2014.Playing in grand finals are;
Malvern Waves u13/5 play at 10.50am
Malvern Flames u15/6 at 12 noon
Malvern Avalanches u15/5 at 12 noon
Malvern Gales u15/3 at 1.15pm
Malvern Hurricanes u17/2 at 2.30pm

Each of these teams would welcome your support.
Go Malvern!more

10 Teams Are in Finals This Weekend

July 30, 2014
There are 20 Malvern teams that play each Saturday.
Four of these, the under 11 teams play in competitions that have no finals nor premiers.
Of the other 16 teams, 10 have made the finals and will be playing Saturday August 2nd.more

Spring Registrations Close Thursday 31st July

Time is running out for Spring Netball!
Registrations close at 11pm Thursday 31 July 2014.
To register please go to
If you are not returning please let your coach know ASAP.more

Winter 2014 Finals Times

Here is the WDNA document that outlines the Finals times for Winter 2014more

Club Hoodies Now Available! Just $20

To order your hoodie, contact the club on malvernnetballclub@gmail.commore

Round 12, Winter 2014 Update

10 Malvern Teams in finals positions with two rounds to go!more

Round 6, May 10 2014, update.


2014 Season Starts Saturday

The first round of the 2014 Season is on Saturday, March 15.
Go to to check the fixtures.
We have 20 teams competing across all age groups.
Good luck to all Malvern players in 2014.
Go Malvern!more

Registrations for 2014 Close February 10!

Just go to to register for netball in 2014.more

2014 Registrations Are Now Open!

Just go to to register for netball in 2014.more

Malvern Has Four Teams In Grand Finals This Saturday

Malvern has four teams vying for premierships this Saturday, December 14 2013. Playing in Grand Finals are ;
Malvern Gales u15/2 play at 1.15pm
Malvern Thunder u15/3 play at 1.15pm
Malvern Hurricanes u17/4 play at 2.30pm
Malvern Breakers Open 2 play at 3.45pm.

Each of these teams would welcome your support.
Go Malvern!more

Two Weeks Left in Spring Season...13 Teams Still In With A Chance!


Spring Fixtures Have Been Published

Go to

Malvern Wins 4 Premierships.2 Teams Miss Narrowly.


6 Malvern Teams in Grand Finals This Saturday!

Malvern Netball Club has six teams playing in Grand Finals this Saturday, August 17 2013. They are :

u13/5 Storm at 10.50am
u13/3 Frostbites at 12 noon
u13/2 Avalanches at 12 noon
u13/1 Flames at 12 noon
u17/5 Typhoons at 1.15pm
u19/3 Scorchers at 2.30pm

Each of these teams would be grateful for any support they may be able to receive.

Good luck to them all.
Go Malvern!more

Semi Finals decided, Saturday August 3rd.

With the Semi-Finals played Saturday in challenging conditions, the following Malvern teams find themselves in these positions.....more

Winter 2013 Home & Away Season Completed

The home and away season is over and Malvern has 10 of a possible 15 teams qualified to play finals. They are
u13/1 Flames finished 1st
u13/2 Avalanches 1st
u13/3 Frostbites 2nd
u13/5 Storm 2nd
u15/2 Gales 3rd
u15/3 Glaciers 4th
u17/5 Typhoons 2nd
u19/2 Twisters 4th
u19/3 Scorchers 1st
Open 2 Breakers 4th

Good luck to all these teams on Saturday. For details

Spring Registrations Close this Saturday 11pm!

Time is running out for Spring Netball!!
Registrations close this Saturday 20 July at 11pm.
To register please go to
If you are not returning please let your coach know.
If you are new to the club please contact us on

Winter Finals Series is Looming

Of the 15 teams that are eligible to play finals, Malvern has 10 teams in the top four and looking to battle it out for the premiership in August. There are three rounds to go in the home and away season.
They are
Flames 2nd on the ladder
Avalanches 1st
Frostbites 3rd
Tremors 4th
Storm 2nd
Blizzards 4th
Gales 3rd
Typhoons 1st
Twisters 3rd
Scorchers 1st
Go to for details.more

Registrations for Spring 2013 are now open.

Please click below for Spring 2013 Registrations.

Pink Sports Day. May 11 2013

This Saturday, May 11, WDNA is supporting The Breast Cancer Network Australia by taking part in Pink Sports Day.
The association is asking for support through
* A gold coin donation
* Players and supporters dressing to impress (with a touch of pink)
Breast Cancer Network Australia receives 100% of all donations.more

WDNA has published it's Fixtures for Winter 2013

Please click here for the Winter 2013 Fixtures.

WDNA Has Published Its Key Dates for 2013


Registrations for 2013 Close Saturday 16 February at 11pm!

Registrations for 2013 close this Saturday February 16 at 11pm.Bookings can be made online at .more

2013 Registrations Are Now Open!

Please click below to be taken to the 2013 registration page.

WDNA Spring Grand Finals 2012

On a hot Saturday December 8th 2012, Malvern Netball Club had four teams playing in Grand Finals.more

Malvern Has Four Teams in Grand Finals This Week

Spring Season Grand Finals will be played this Saturday, December 8.
We have four teams playing for the chance to be premiers.
They are
Avalanches u/13 4 at 10.50am
Gales u/15 6 at 12 noon
Hurricanes u/15 2 at 1.15pm
Breakers Open 2 at 3.45pm

Congratulations to these teams.Good Luck!more

Spring Season Finalists Decided

The ten rounds of Spring Season 2012 have been played and Malvern Netball Club has had 8 of a possible 14 teams qualify for the finals.Teams that finished first go straight through to the grand final on Dec 8.Those that finished 2nd or 3rd will play in the Semi-final on Dec 1. The winner of the Semi plays the team that finished first on Dec 8.

They are :-

Open 2 Breakers finished 1st

u/19 1 Tornadoes finished 2nd

u/17 3 Monsoons 2nd

u/15 2 Hurricanes 2nd

u/15 6 Gales 1st

u/13 3 Flames 3rd

u/13 4 Avalanches 2nd

u/13 8 Frostbites 2nd

Congratulations to all these teams and best of luck in the finals.

The committee hopes that all Malvern players enjoyed the Spring Season.more

Presentation Night Video

If you enjoyed the Presentation Night it is.more
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