Mac Park Circuit


The sealed road race circuit is 2.4 km long. It is a mix of technically demanding slow and fast turns over undulating terrain, designed and dedicated solely to motorcycle road racing. The track runs in a clockwise direction with 12 turns ranging from the sharp hairpin at turn 1 to the fast and sweeping turn 8.

The club has maintained an active upgrading program over the years, with more than $160,000 being spent on track re-surfacing alone over the last 5 years. The latest work concentrated on removing most of the "bumps and humps" that had become gradually worse over the years. The old main straight was leveled and resurfaced in 1998. All corners were resurfaced with hot mix in May of 2003, leaving a smooth but grippy surface which made for great racing, wet or dry. It has a character all of it's own and most of the riders who ride here keep coming back for the challenging track, the very real country atmosphere and the well organised race meetings, run by true enthusiasts for the riders. There is plenty of run off room, sand traps and demountable tyre walls in any slightly tight areas. There are no Armco barriers or concrete walls anywhere around the track. McNamara Park is considered very safe and has an excellent record although safety is always on the agenda and ongoing work is always carried out with the well being of riders in mind. The start grid can hold 29 solos and has three riders per row in a staggered formation.

The new pit area, completed for the 2005 State Championship Round in October of that year, includes 36 garage bays with concrete floors and power to each bay (now 54 since the latest upgrade). The club was able to complete a move of the pit area from inside the circuit (since 1962) to the area adjacent to the clubrooms with a grant from the Department of Sport & Recreation, many hours of volunteer labour and help from many generous individuals and businesses with machinery or materials. The club sincerely thanks all those involved. With the new facility being in use since October 2005, the club has been very pleased with the way that the area worked and completed more facility upgrades and other additions before the running of the 2006 Australian Historic Championships at McNamara Park.

The start/finish is now situated on the short straight in front of the clubrooms together with a new judges’ box, start lights & an electronic timing loop, all complementing the upgrade of the pits. This move means that all rider and spectator amenities are in the one area, making a much more enjoyable weekend for everyone. There is a bitumen start up road, bitumen dummy grid and a sealed return road. The decision by the club in 2007 to resurface most corner sections saw the work take longer than expected to complete due to bitumen problems but all is now 100% OK as evident by events held since April 2008. To upgrade the level of electricity supply in the pits to meet all needs the club is to install a large capacity generator and expects to have this fully functional for the South Australian Historic Championships on December 26, 27 and 28 2008.

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As well as 54 Garages the Pit area has lots of room and shade


For more detail of the Track or Pits go to our "Downloads" page for pdf file links.


The track is only available for use by holders of an MA licence. For more info. on this please see the "Ride Days" page. For info. on getting to McNamara Park go to the "Find Us" page for a directions map.

Modern Bikes
Outright Arthur Sissis
Suzuki GSXR1000 30/09/18 1m 09.657s
600cc Dallas Skeer Suzuki GSXR 600 21/04/19 1m 11.162s
250cc Michael Brenton Honda RS 14/03/00 1m 14.6s
125cc Dallas Skeer Honda RS 27/03/16 1m 14.929s
Superlight Gavin Johnston Honda H100 03/04/93 1m 29.8s
Sidecar S. Jones & J. Budarick Yamaha 1000 02/10/05 1m 16.45s
Moto 3  Lawson Walters  Honda NSF 250  31/04/13  1m 14.980s
70cc Joel Kelso  RMU  06/06/15  1m 24.906s
80cc  Jack Mahaffy Honda RS 80  08/03/15  1m 22.024s
150cc  Olly Simpson  Honda CBR 150  07/04/12  1m 27.038s
125cc Dallas Skeer Honda RS 27/03/16 1m 14.929s
Moto 3 Lawson Walters Honda NSF 250 31/04/13 1m 14.980s
Historic Bikes
Period 2   Stan Mucha Indian 05/03/16 1m 28.265s
Period 3         125cc Graham Mason Bultaco TSS 125 26/11/06 1m 38.990s
    250cc    Philip Barton Bultaco Mercurio 29/12/12 1m 27.258s
350cc    Levi Day Honda CB72/77 02/01/11 1m 23.190s
500cc    Levi Day Manx Norton 29/12/12 1m 18.944s
Unlim.  Darren Trotter Manx G50 01/01/17 1m 18.480s
Sidecar   B. Davies & G. Marston HRD 1170 26/11/06 1m 33.27s
Period 4         125cc Jack Wright Yamaha AS3 125 26/11/06 1m 33.61s
250cc    Gavin Cosway Yamaha TD3 250 01/01/11 1m 26.603s
350cc    Joe Ahern Yamaha TR3 350 01/01/11 1m 21.2s
500cc    Craig Ditchburn Seeley Suzuki 500 26/11/06 1m 20.67s
Unlim.    Simon Cook Honda CB750 1120 29/12/12 1m 18.833s
Sidecar   T.Campbell & B Fitzgerald   04/03/18 1m 25.515s
Period 5         125cc  David Short Morbidelli 05/03/16 1m 28.816s
250cc    Andy Pitman Yamaha RD250LC 30/12/17 1m 21.575s
350cc   Lachlan Hill Yamaha TZ350 06/03/16 1m 18.149s
500cc    Chris Hayward Yamaha SR500 29/12/2018 1m 21.967s
Unlim.   David Johnson M/tosh Kawasaki 1200 26/11/06 1m 15.28s
Sidecar    S. Jones & D. Jones
Suzuki 1100 04/03/17

1m 20.663s

50cc   Howard Sabey Yamaha Aerox 17/01/16 1m45.533


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