Winter 2020 Domestic - Register Online

Registrations for Winter 2020 domestic are now overdue. Players can still register and will be placed in a team where possible. 


The Winter 2020 season commences on 18th April and goes through to September. Further information about dates, age groups, uniforms etc is available here.

Registration Process for Winter Domestic Teams - Online Preferred

Registrations are preferred online and must be received by 24th February to ensure placement in a team. 

Registration fees for Winter 2019 have been set at $285 for the first player in a family ($270 if playing rep for Collingwood), and $270 for each additional player. A late fee of $50 per player applies to registrations and payments made after 24th February (if a place is available). 

The Eastern Districts Junior Basketball Association has introduced cashless game days, therefore the registration fee includes the weekly game fee for the normal part of the season (15 weeks). The only additional playing / entry fees will be at finals time.


Online Registration

Here's what you need to know about online registration

Please note - registration is now using EMAIL SIGN-ON.

Using Email Sign-on means: 
• Parents / guardians log in with their own email address and a user-defined password, rather than a system generated username and password 
• All players associated with that email address will be accessible under the one login 

When you sign in for the first time (only) using Email Sign-on, you will be required to confirm your email address, and set a password, before commencing your registration. All further registrations with the same email address will only require the entry of the password you have set to access the member account. 

Note: The email address attached to a player is the primary or first email address listed for the player. 

An email address can have multiple players attached to it. Select the relevant player after you have entered the email address and password. 

You can register multiple players and then make a single payment at the end. You should have already selected the number of players you want to register. Complete the details for the first player, and select the $285 payment. Then complete the details for the subsequent players, and select the $270 payment. 

Please pay by VISA or MasterCard to complete your registration. The Sporting Pulse processing fee is included in the registration fee. 

Click on this link to register online for Winter 2020 domestic.

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