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The Softball Australia Coaching pathway is changing.

Soon, all of the theory taught in coaching courses (from Community Coach, level 1, 2, and 3) will be online in the new Foundational Level of Coaching. 

The Foundational Level of coaching targets coaches involved at School or Club level and seeks to deliver the necessary information to be a successful coach at local level. 

The Foundational Level, once completed, will then lead into Performance Coaching which will replace the current levels 4, 5 and 6.  Details on these new courses will be released over time. 

To complete Foundational Level coaching,  participants MUST complete all four courses and then complete a practical workshop (competency based assessment) conducted in their state. 

While it is recommended that participants take the courses in the following sequence, they can be completed in any order:  

  1. Softball Batter Up Coaching Induction
  2. Fundamentals of Softball 
  3. Training and Practice 
  4. Managing Games

Three of the courses are ready and live now:


(Training and Practice are still being finalized and will be online soon)


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