Rules and Procedures

Doncaster Basketball Club

Rules and Procedures

All players are affiliated with the Doncaster Basketball Club by signing the Player Registration Form. These forms must be completed and registrations paid no later than the second round of competition. All players must also register with Play HQ as per Basketball Victoria’s requirements.

Qualification For Finals: Players must play in a minimum of 8 matches in that particular team to play in the finals series. N.B. Byes do not count towards these matches. If full names do not appear on the scoresheet/computirised scoring, players shall not be credited with having played (Must have Given and Surnames and must be legible).

Uniforms: Teams must be correctly uniformed. Players wearing shorts with pockets or "tabs" on them cannot take the court. Team singlets, shorts and numbers must be uniform in colour (trim excluded). A gross mismatch of uniform, i.e. badly faded shorts or singlet will be penalised 6 points (max. 6 points per player).

Insurance: You are not covered by insurance until your team registration is paid and all players have registered with PlayHQ.                 

Withdrawal: A fine of $200.00 will apply to any team which withdraws after fixturing.

Walkovers: A fine of $150.00 will apply to teams giving a walkover. Fines must be paid before the next fixtured match. If a team gives prior notice they are unable to attend a game a walkover fee will still apply.

Sin Bin All Technical Fouls irrespective of reason will result in the Sin Bin policy being applied by the Referee. Period: The Sin Bin is a 5 minute period of playing/court time. Time outs do not qualify to reduce this period. Sin Bin policy will not be applied to Unsportsmanlike Fouls.

Sending Off: Disqualified players and coaches will be banished from the vicinity of the court. Any bench personnel who leaves the confines of the bench area during a fight, shall be disqualified from the game.

Scorer: Each team is expected and has the responsibility of providing a competent scorer. If both teams have only five players and cannot provide a scorer, one player from each team will sit on the bench to score, players can be substituted. If one team has five players and the other team has four players, the team with five players will provide a player to score leaving both teams with four players on the court.

Bleeding Players: Any player bleeding must immediately leave the court area and may only return if bleeding has stopped and the wound is cleaned and covered.

Timing Regulations:         

Two 20 minute halves.

Two time outs per team per half. No time out allowed in the last one minute of the first half. No time out allowed in the last two minutes of the second half unless the score is 14 points or less.

The clock will stop in the last (2) minutes of the second half for fouls, substitutions and time outs only if there is 14 points or less between team scores.

Transfer Of Players Between Teams: Players may only play one match on the same night. Players cannot play in more than one team on the same night. Players cannot transfer within a grade without the approval of the Committee.

Identification For Finals: All players must provide proof of identification before taking the court for finals matches.        

Protests: Must be notified on the scoresheet then lodged in writing to the Manager within 48 hours of the match in question.

Affiliation: The Doncaster Basketball Club recognizes tribunal decisions from all other basketball associations, both affiliated and non-affiliated.

Any Team or player(s) continually causing trouble will be immediately dropped from the competition at the discretion of the Committee.          

No Alcohol shall be consumed at venues

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Pam Meddings  0418 617 682


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Doncaster Basketball Merchandise

Coaches, warm up tops and club bags are available to purchase from the uniform shop every Saturday.

Playing Singlets - $45.00

Playing Shorts - $45.00

Coaches Tops - $40.00

Warm up Tops - $45.00

Sports Bags - $45.00