FAQ 2022 Summer Competition

Port Macquarie Basketball Domestic Comp

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FAQs   2022  - Still being Updated - STAY TUNED

1 When are the games played?
It depends on how many teams register but as a guide:
U14s from 4.15pm
U16s from 6pm
U18s at 4:30 or 5:20pm
Seniors A, B and C Grades between 6:10 and 8:40pm


U10s and U12s commencing at 4.15pm until approximately 6.30

2 How much does the 15-week season cost?
U12 $120  
U14-U18 $135  
Seniors $150

There is an annual registration fee that covers the player registration for Basketball NSW including. The annual fees are:
8-11-year-olds $70 
12-17-year-olds $90  
Seniors 18+ $110

3 Can I use the Active Kids Voucher?
You can Register for the voucher first, and then register at www.portmacquarie.basketball.net.au with your voucher code and team code. If you don't have a team yet, you'll enter your Active Kids Voucher code once you have a team code.

4 I want to play with friends, but they are in the older age group. Can I play with them?
You are now no longer required to play in your own age group before yo play up. You may play up one age group to play with friends but can't play down an age group. For example, you are a year younger than most kids in your year at school. Your friends are turning 12 this year and will be registering in the U14 comp. You're turning 11 this year. You may play with your friends without needing to also play in your own age group.

5 How long are the games?
Games will be played in four ten-minute quarters, with a minute break at first and third quarters and two minutes at half times, totaling 40 minutes. Players will be required to exit the stadium immediately after games so that Covid marshalls can clean before the next timeslot.

6 What if my child isn't sure about joining?
There are a number of options available to come and trial before the competition commences where your son or daughter can play a game before registering.

7 Will there be a registration day at the Indoor Stadium? 

We won't be holding in-person registration for the 2022 Summer season. You can do it all online. If you need help, email competitions@portmacquariebasketball.com.au

8 Are there trainings?
Some teams organise training but not all. North Coast Basketball does however a number of training opportunities throughout the season to assist players with their skill development.

9 Where do I get a uniform?
We're encouraging all teams to use the blue/white reversible jerseys. New singlets can be purchased on game nights for $35. The club-issued kits will be retired. Teams are welcome to supply their own uniforms, but please order a few extra. Shorts should be black or a solid dark colour.

10 What age group should my child register for? Updated 8th January 2022

Under 10 (U10) if your child was born in 2013 or 2014

Under 12 (U12) if your child was born in 2011 or 2012

Under 14 (U14) if your child was born in 2009 or 2010
Under 16 (U16) if your child was born in 2008 or 2007
Under 18 (U18) if your child was born in 2006 or 2005

11 How do I find a team for my daughter, who is 10?
All players in the U12 (boy or girl) competition must nominate as an individual player.PMBA will create the teams for this age group. We want to encourage as many younger players as possible to sign up. The first two or three weeks will be come-and-try sessions while teams are finalised.

12 My son has never played basketball before. Can he sign up?
Absolutely. We have two divisions for most age groups to cater for everyone.

13 My kids are 5 and 9. How can they get involved?
Aussie Hoops is a national program where younger players can learn to play on Thursday afternoons. Learn more about this exciting opportunity.

14 How do I register for two age groups?
If you want to play in two age groups, register as an individual or with a team for your age group. For the older age group, you must register as an individual. You can note the team or teammates you want to play with on the individual nomination form.

15 I don't have a team, but I want to play. What should I do?
Just fill out the individual rego form. You'll then be placed in a team that is either looking for players or formed from individual nominations. PMBA will contact you with the next steps.

16 How many rep players are allowed in a junior team?
The representative player rule is in place to make sure every player has an enjoyable experience and teams are as evenly balanced as possible. To encourage individual growth, we prefer the "strongest" rep players play on different teams, not together.
Division 1 domestic competition teams: A maximum of 4 representative players with no more than 2 of this year's Division 1 representative players. Other representative players include any player that has played rep basketball in the previous year, a Div. 2 representative player or a rep player ‘playing up’ from other age groups.
Division 2 domestic competition teams: A maximum of 2 Division 2 representative players (all Div 1 rep players should be playing in the Div 1 comp).

17 Are there Covid Safe Rules?
Yes, spectators will be required to sign in using the Service NSW app or manual entry from Covid marshalls.

18 I have a team of three. Should I wait to register my team?
No, you can register now. If you need more players, we'll help you complete your team, but you will need 7 players by the first game of the season.

19 How many players are on a team?
Teams of 7 or 8 players are ideal. Register up to six players, and we'll add 1-2 players from the individual registration list.

You must have 7 players by the first game of the season.