Competition Rules

Attached are copies of the Codes of Conduct produced by BNSW applying to players, coaches, referees and spectators/parents, and a summary of the current FIBA Official Rules of Basketball.  Please ensure you are familiar with all these documents.

The last document attached below is a copy of the Competition Rules to be adopted for our PMBA domestic competitions.  

The primary updates/changes relate to:

  • All teams must have 7x fully paid-up and registered players before the team will be accepted into the competition;
  • The Rep player limit for each team roster has been reintroduced, with the Competitions Committee to oversee team nominations to ensure that a fair and balanced competition is created;
  • A strict uniform policy will be in place, with all players who are non-compliant to lose 4 points off their game score for each week they are out of uniform (i.e. a team with 3 players out of uniform will start the game with a 12-point deficit);
  • Each senior team is to nominate one referee to join the pool of officials, and perform a refereeing allocation each round of competition;
  • A Duty benching arrangement will be in place for our senior competitions requiring teams to appoint 2 players to perform bench for the game prior or after their game;
  • As we have less pressure on the 10.00pm curfew, a stopped-clock will now be permitted for all time-outs. A maximum of 1 time-out per half is permitted for each team.

Keep an eye on this page to check on any latest rule developments, and to ensure you're aware of the current official competition rules applying to our PMBA domestic competition.

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