Junior Women

U12-1 Girls Lakeside Lightning 43 defeated Willetton Tigers 41

U12-2 Girls Joondalup Wolves 38 defeated Perry Lakes Hawks 27

U14-1 Girls Perry Lakes Hawks 85 defeated Willetton Tigers 49

U14-2 Girls Perry Lakes Hawks 66 defeated Rockingham Flames 43

U16-1 Girls South West Slammers 72 defeated Stirling Senators 61

U16-2 Girls Cockburn Cougars 49 defeated Rockingham Flames 44

U18 Women Mandurah Magic 66 defeated Perry Lakes Hawks 64


Junior Men

U12-1 Boys Willetton Tigers 75 defeated Joondalup Wolves 57

U12-2 Boys Joondalup Wolves 61 defeated Rockingham Flames 57

U14-1 Boys Willetton Tigers 54 defeated Stirling Senators 43

U14-2 Boys Mandurah Magic 53 defeated Cockburn Cougars 42

U16-1 Boys Joondalup Wolves 65 defeated Lakeside Lightning 62

U16-2 Boys Perry Lakes Hawks 56 defeated Stirling Senators 55

U18-1 Men Willetton Tigers 98 defeated Stirling Senators 79

U18-2 Men Perry Lakes Hawks 74 defeated Willetton Tigers 70



U20 Men Rockingham Flames 65 defeated Stirling Senators 60

D-League Men Perry Lakes Hawks 87 defeated Willetton Tigers 75

D-League Women Willetton Tigers 53 defeated East Perth Eagles 50

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