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SAAS 1st XI Div 1 Soccer
SAAS 1st XI Div 2 - North Pool
SAAS 1st XI Div 2 - South Pool


Primary Soccer Year 4
Primary Soccer Year 2/3


Open A Soccer
Open B Soccer North
Open B Soccer South
Year 10 Soccer
Middle A1 (Gp with B1, C1 & 7A)
Middle B1 (Gp with A1, C1 & 7A)
Middle C1 (Gp with A1, B1 & 7A)
Middle 7A (Gp with A1, B1 & C1)
Middle A2 (Gp with B2 & 7A2)
Middle B2 (Gp with A2 & 7A2)
Middle 7A2 (Gp with A2 & B2)
Middle A3 North
Middle A3 South
Middle B Soccer
Year 7A3 Soccer
Year 7B Soccer
Primary Soccer Year 6
Primary Soccer Year 5