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Immanuel Monday Ladies
Unley Monday Junior Netball - Yr 2
Unley Monday Junior Netball - Yr 3/4
Unley Monday Junior Netball - Yr 5/6
Unley Monday Ladies A/B
Unley Monday Ladies C
Unley Monday Ladies D1
Unley Monday Ladies D2


Immanuel Tuesday Ladies A grade
Immanuel Tuesday Ladies B grade
Immanuel Tuesday Ladies C grade


Unley Wednesday Ladies
Unley Wednesday Mixed A/B
Unley Wednesday Mixed C1
Unley Wednesday Mixed C2
Unley Wednesday Mixed D1
Unley Wednesday Mixed D2


Immanuel Thursday Mixed A/B
Immanuel Thursday Mixed C
Immanuel Thursday Mixed D


Immanuel Friday Mixed


Unley Sunday Mixed A
Unley Sunday Mixed B

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