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Due to the suucess of the Maximum points per player rule this season, this will follow onto the next season. (The rule doesn’t apply in finals)

We have noticed a big improvement with teams passing amonst themselves and some players who have never scored before scoring!

This will still involve the scorers letting the relevant coaches and referee’s know. As we know, if a player does happen to score more than 10 points and he scores again before EVERY one on his team scores, then the points will be removed from the scoresheet.

Thanks for your understanding, as this makes it fair for one and all.

Healesville Hornets Basketball Committee


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Summer Season will be starting soon, YES we know! and Registration is now open for any Players or Teams. Player or Team Registration forms are available at the Stadium during Basketball hours.

Parents we need your help! Like many other sporting Associations, without parent support we could not run our Association without help! We need more Scorers, Timekeepers, Coaches, Referee’s and even Committee members! Like us all at one stage in our life, we didn’t know how to do some of these items and were newbies at it, but with help and support, we can teach one another and make our Association as strong as it used to be! Email us at, go to our Facebook page or see us on Basketball nights at the Stadium.

Also we are in need of more players in the U/10’s competition, BUT, if anybody is willing to play, we will put your name on a waiting list for the relevant age group and if a place becomes available we will let you know!




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