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Bairiki inter club

Bairiki was officially running its inter club as part of their pregames prior to the KBF Xmas Basketball Tournament. There were over 300 players from this club playing each other in different age categories including men, women and kids boys and girls. The committee of this club were very active finding sponsors, creating new activities during opening and closing ceremony.more

KBF Xmas Basketball Tournament

The Xmas Basketball Tournament has been recently carried out from two weeks ago. The tournament commences on Tuesday 8th November in the afternoon 5:00. There were plenty teams registered and participated competing in this tournament gathering different club who were actively doing their pregames prior this tournament.more

Primary School visit

NBDO and H4H coaches started visiting 13 primary schools late on Monday 14/11.There were 8 coaches work effectively with schools. There are 2 schools being visited every day. Mr Arron from ABC media have time with H4H program capturing pictures on his first day working with KBF.more

ABC Media with H4H program

Mr Aaron Kearney from ABC Media just arrived today and was picked by Mr Tekabara the H4H Administrator. He was accommadated at the Mary's Motel in Bairiki. Tek give him an hour to rest and acknowledge that there will be a meeting coming to go through his programme. There was Mr Secretary and NBDO sitting with H4H Administrator went through the program with Aaron.more

Again H4H program is heading Primary Schools

H4H Program is on the move. On Tuesday 8/11 and Wednesday 9/11, NBDO spend his effort with coaches (H4H) at KNOC office teaching them on their basketball quality delivery to young kids. There were six H4H coaches attended the training including and together with H4H administrator.more

3 man officiating

Peter and together with NBDO were gathering with KBF officials on Monday 7th Nov in Bairiki court. As part of discussion confirmed in the meeting by the board and officials on Friday 4th November, Peter was happy to run the first clinics with all referees and score tables. On that day, Peter and together with NBDO decided to run the referees clinics with 3 man officiating.more

KBF and Peter Barnett planning

During Taiwan Cup NBDO and the federation decided to held one meeting for Peter and together with officials. The purpose of this meeting is for Peter introduction to KBF and officials and for his willing to help develop both referees and score tables with roles and responsibilities. He also declared to the federation and officials that accreditation could be also issued along courses undertaken.more

School program

NBDO was currently working with High schools and Junior Secondary schools. The visit was targeting these young students play basketball and the same teach teachers and PE masters in order for them maintain training program, competitions and many other things related to basketball. While Joe working in schools there were among these students that are skillful and most of them need more improvement.more

Veteranz 3X3 Basketball Tournament

While Taiwan Cup runs effectively, NBDO and H4H coaches was organizing the 3x3 event for the Veteranz. A week before the main event commences, NBDO was doing on creating the event onto the eventmaker by entering categories, creating courts, entering teams, players and scheduling. There were interested veteranz teams chatting and emailing to confirm whether it's will possible or not.more

Peter Barnett sharing expertise

The KBF and NBDO were finally met Peter Barnett on Thursday 27th October at Bairiki court 5:00 in the afternoon. The KBF are very fortunate to have time with Peter as to assist develop officials including referees and score tables. Peter said that he was happy to work closely to KBF this year until August next year. Peter was known as the FIBA Oceania in his career as aformer referee since 36 yearmore

U18 3X3 Basketball Tournament

NBDO and together H4H coaches were running the 3x3 game for U18 boys at Bairiki on Friday 21st October 2016 starting at 3pm. There were 4 teams gathering that day playing 3x3 game. These young boys were live in Bairiki closely to basketball court. Most of these young boys are school leavers and a few from schools. The game runs just in 1 hour.more

Week one and two games

There were 9 games runs from Saturday to Friday the following week. Teams from clubs were there at the playing venues half an hour before the starting confirming to officials to proceed the draw for the first game. Teams were very competitive at this tournament to compete for 2,000.00 cash for winner, 1,000.00 cash for second and 500.00 cash for third place.more

Basketball weekly games (Taiwan cup)

Games were running everyday from after the opening towards two weeks. Two weeks before, competition organizing committee who is NBDO and other board members was drafting fixtures in order to get things in place without any complains and corridor from teams. From Monday 17th October towards Friday 28th October games were normally runs in the afternoon from 4pm and ended at 9:00 in the evening.more

Taiwan Cup Tournament

Each clubs were preparing for the two weeks tournament in organizing pregames prior to the main event. Coaches and officials in each clubs assisted their own teams men, women and junior boys and girls in order for them to be well prepared. Actually, there were 8 clubs actively practicing and prepared prior to the commencement of the event. Also these teams confirmed their registration towards TWCTmore

Training Workshop for Coaches and Officials

The FIBA in Oceania Expert, Annie La Fleur was officially conducted the 4 day training workshop for KBF coaches and officials theory and practical gathering nearly 20 people attending. There 16 KBF coaches and officials attended the training out of them from local clubs.more

Training camp

NBDO runs the basketball clinics for young boys and girls during school break uniting U12 boys and girls, U16 boys and girls and U20 boys and girls. It was very excited to work with teachers as well during the two weeks break. The clinics runs mostly at the LDS basketball court and Sport complex in Betio.more

H4H Launch for Women

The KBF and together with H4H program are recently conducted the launching for women on Thursday 19th May starting from 11am and ended with fun games for the women. It was very excited to see lot of women participated in that event and together with stakeholder came and witness the special day for women and Basketball Kiribati.more

Meeting with Stakeholders

The meeting for stakeholders took place at KNOC boardroom 3pm. It was gathering reps from different organisations including the Ministry for Women, Youth & Social Affairs, Women coordinator, KNOC rep, Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health & Medical Services.more

Taotin Trading Basketball Playoffs

The Kiribati Basketball Federation was gathering 257 players from different clubs participated in the first day playoffs that conducted at the Sport Complex in Betio. There were teams including east and west teams from Betio and TUC east and west teams playing who were qualify for the quarter finals.more

In honor of National Women's Day

The NBDO and together with H4H Administrator were working with inclusive activity in honor of the National Women's Day. Not only disabilities but also people with mental. This program was led by the Kiribati Table Tennis Federation proudly invite each federation to organize coaching and fun games that day. People with disabilities and mental were separated in groups and play different sport.more

World Bank Regional Director Handing Over

The Regional Director for the World Bank and together with the Ministry of Communication were officially conduct the handing over to the Bonriki community for the new basketball court. The Kiribati Basketball Federation was also invited to attend the activity to give some speech as they are the governing body for basketball in Kiribati.more

Refereeing training workshop

The one day training workshop was conducted for KBF current officials and together with the recent ones. The purpose or the aim of the course is to upgrade the current officials and up skill the new referees and officials the same time in order for them to operate and manage well all games. There were 20 participants attended the workshop including 13 males and 7 females.more

H4H Commitment in High Schools

KBF Hoops for Health Administrator gave a speech to the students and staff of St Patrick’s College. In his speech, he addressed that the Australian government is funding this program through the Pacific Sports Partnership which was monitored by FIBA Oceania and coordinated by Kiribati Basketball Federation.more

Taotin Trading Basketball Championship

The Kiribati Basketball Federation was officially conducted the inaugural grand opening on Saturday 6th February in Bairiki basketball court. This championship was proudly sponsored by Taotin Trading for open men and women division providing trophies and cash as well. The event was started in the afternoon at 3pm formally let by Mr Secretary Bwere Tione (MC) and the Vice President Teekia Rui.more

Brand New Electronic Scoreboard

The Kiribati Basketball Federation has been receiving a brand new electronic scoreboard by FIBA in Oceania to assist officials during competition. This tool was purchased by FIBA in Oceania under PSP subsidy. On Wednesday 4th 12:30pm, NBDO was conducting a short training to women's for the operation of the new electronic scoreboard and to be certified as KBF main scorebenches.more

Sport in Community Administrator training course

Two women representing basketball attending the OSEP training course known as the Sport in Community Administrator. The aim and purpose of this training is to enganging more women to be more active and also increasing the participation in any sport one of them Basketball. Mrs Mary Teiwaki and Berenia Baenete has been delegated by Johanna Timon (Women leader for KBF) to be part of the course.more

Xmas Basketball Champ 2015

Xmas Basketball Champ usually known as 'ending' to mark end of each year. This event organised by the Kiribati Basketball Federation and proudly sponsored by Coral Ace. As usual the timeframe for this event approximately spending a month or less to complete depend with timing and weather. The main venue used is Bairiki Basketball Court center were all teams expected to be there all time.more

Bairiki community visit

Bairiki basketball community has been visited by NBDO and H4H coaches promoting H4H program and basketball to young boys, girls, men, women and people who haven't played basketball before. Tamwe Tamwabeti is the ambasdor/leader for Bairiki who have been appointed to look after this community, helping spread this program quickly to develop.more

Visit in Buota community

H4H program has been promoted in Buota community on Wednesday 18th Nov. The visit was carried out by NBDO and H4H coaches promoting the program delivering health message, coaching and introducing the 3X3 game rules. There were participants from this community participated during the visit men, young boys and girls, women and including people watched from outside the basketball court.more

Betio Community visit

Betio Community was visited by Six National H4H Coaches. It was more than 40 participants attending the session. Some of them already knew how to played basketball while the others did not. It was fun as most of them really enjoyed learning basic skills of basketball and related health information at the same time.Thirty seven members from the community attending the Session. The session is 1.5hrsmore

Visiting Rannaba Community

H4H Administrator and NBDO visited Rannaba Community. The purpose of the visit was to collect the Community lists, and to explain the 3x3 Basketball rules particularly to the kids. Before it was experienced that only teenagers and mens played Basketball, but since Hoops for Health had been introduced in the Community, kids and some women started to involve in Basketball games. This was so great.more

OSEP Course

The OSEP course for educators was conducted in August 9 and ended on Thursday 10 August. The team from ONOC OSEP was visited Kiribati to conduct this course to the OSEP educators who has been vary involved in this program. Talemo, Vara and two others came to conduct this course as to certify these educators to join the OSEP team in future .more

Primary School visit

The school visit program was running 5 primary schools every day. NBDO was working closely with the H4H coaches and together with Teachers every day in schools and in the afternoon for those who are interested to develop and upkill their skills. While coaching in schools took places also H4H coaches work together with NBDO and see how they deliver health and basketball skills.more

Meeting with H4H Coaches

The meeting was took place at the KNOC boardroom starting at 5pm and concluded at 6:30pm. The aim of the meeting is getting these people engaged to the program see how progress they are in their respective zones/areas. There were 8 coaches arrived, 6 men and 2 women.more

3X3 Tournament

The Holiday 3X3 tournament was organised for U12 boys and girls and for the U15 and U19 males and females during the one day holiday for national clean up day. This was manage and coordinated at the Moroni High School only for schools located in the west.more

Vacation during Holiday

Holiday basketball coaching and competition for young males and females for High Schools in South Tarawa. The event took two weeks as for the first week for coaching and refereeing clinics and the following week for competition. There were schools engaged to this program helping them develop and upskill their skill as players, coaches and officials the same time.more

H4H coordinator Catherine Grawich visit Kiribati

Catherine Grawich again visiting Kiribati for the purpose as to follow up what's the Kiribati Basketball Federation implementing hoops for health program within a 6 months period in Kiribati. Catherine spend 3 days working with the KBF and especially together with the two officers or counterpart people, Mr Tekabara H4H Co-ordinator and Iotia Paul, NBDO who has been tasked to run this program.more

H4H coaches visiting schools

H4H coaches were struggling trying to deliver basketball skills and together with health message to young boys and girls in different schools. According to the schedule, these coaches, NBDO and H4H coordinator were visiting 2 schools in one day. There were 13 primary schools were has been scheduled or confirm by the Ministry to be part of H4H program.more

Holiday 3X3 tournament

Holiday 3X3 one day tournament has been successfully conducted on Saturday 16th May in the Bairiki court. There were over than 100 young kids participated in the tournament including U12 boys and girls and together with U15 boys and girls. The tournament was fully supported by KBF and H4H program, H4H coaches and parents from each community.more

FIBA Organizer entry training

The FIBA Organizer entry training was conducted to volunteers and together with H4H coaches in order for them to know how to enter members in FIBA Organizer tool while doing or carried out their visit in schools. There were 8 people attended the training workshop engaged 2 women and 6 men.more

MWYSA are shooting Hoops for Health

The first ever Hoops for Health lunctime session introduced to the Ministry of Women, Youth and Social Affairs for making elderly physically active rather than just sitting in office hours doing nothing. At the moment, there were more ministries beside MWYSA to be included in this program to run H4H as for physical activity such as Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education.more

Pacific 3X3 NBDO Workshop in Suva Fiji 2015

Again FIBA Oceanis has organising the 7 days training workshop for NBDO this year and involving together with the Hoops for Health coach accross the pacific region. We are very fortunate again to attend this workshop as to keep us NBDO's and H4H coaches work closely with the development of basketball program throughout countries.more

Hoops for Health Training Workshop in Kiribati

The Kiribati Basketball Federation, has just launching the 3 day Hoops for Health training workshop in Kiribati. The course was first started on Monday 23rd, Tuesday and ended on Wednesday 25th March. The officer from FIBA Oceania Catherine Grawich arrived in Kiribati observed and supporting the 3 day course which was conducted by KBF presenters, NBDO Iotia Paul, Rota Onorio and Kautu Temakei.more

U12 boys and girls holiday training camp

Holiday training camp for U12 boys and girls was started last week starting from Monday 24th Nov. There are areas schools involves in the long coaching clinics such as Tarawa east and west gathering 6 primary schools. These schools has been informed hading well the long schedule training camp two weeks before end of third (3) term school break.more

Kautu Temakei attends FO Tournament Coaching course

KBF Head Coach, Kautu Temakei has been invited to attend the coaching known as Tournament Coaches training course organised by FIBA Oceania as part of preparation training ahead Pacific Game 2015. This course conducted as part of U19 Oceania Championship for both boys and girls in Suva Fiji. The tournament runs from 1st December to 8th December this year. Coaching runs from 1st - 4th.more

Jonna Ferris introduction and visit

The quick visit by Jo Ferris the head of basketball for development to work with the Kiribati Basketball Federation with H4H program. Targeted areas for quality sport and other important side of the federation.more

3x3 Youth Championship finals

The 3x3 youth championship finals was completely successful on Saturday 8th November, kicks off in the Bairiki court starting at 3pm and ended in the evening 9:00pm. There were 9 teams men and 6 teams women competing who has been qulified in the playoff games. Eventmaker is a fast and flexible tool in which NBDO generating the game finals series in one day.more

H4H Program

Mr President Teiwaki Tekanene and NBDO Iotia Paul meet with Jo Ferris Head of Basketball for Development and David Crocker, Secretary General of FIBA Oceania. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss planning and budgeting about Hoop for Health program to be implemented in Kiribati. The meeting effectively takes two days long starting on Tuesday 21st Oct and ended on Wednesday afternoon.more

PG Preparation Training

The federation and together with coaches works very hard with the National Men Squad Team every week. The appropriate and convienient date for the training program which has been allocated to spend 2-3 hours on the field for strengthening and conditioning training and on court breakdown session.more

Selection Criteria submission

One of the most important task for each of the federation to provide a selection criteria to NOC as part of pacific games 2015 preparation and further event. Prior to that, NOC conduct a one day meeting for federation who are willing to participate in the Pacific Game for other purposes need to be considered and completed from their side. There were 11 federations attended.more

3x3 Senior men&women Champ

The Kiribati Basketball Federation running the grand opening for 3x3 games for senior men and women in Bairiki court. The game start at 2:30pm gathering 120 players were has been registered in the tournament a week before the game commences. Setting up of venues and inspection the risk of the court has been carried out by organising committees, volunteers, the federation and NBDO.more

KBF received funding for 3x3 event

The Kiribat Basketball Federation received funding from FIBA Oceania for the 3x3 event to be running in the country. This funding will cover officials allowances, players travel from place to place and many more that will in the help of running the event.more

3x3 game rules introduces to clubs

The 3x3 game rules has been introduces to each clubs within Tarawa and Betio to be familiar with the game. As part of NBDO's training workshop conducted in Canberra, Australia 3x3 game rules is also part of the training in order to be implemented to each countries by NBDO's.more

U19 men training progress

The intensive training program for the U19 men has been hardly ongoing. The training runs 3 days a week covering fitness training before and after on court sessions. There were 23 boys attended the training every night Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning.more


The Kiribati Instute of Technology and inconjunction with the Oceania Sport Education Program provided the free education on sport administration to National federation sport in the country.more

Saturday's Games

On Saturday 21st June KBF and NBDO running the second week of basketball leagues for the IT Championship. There were 6 games played such as 6 for junior men in the morning and 6 games for senior men.more

Basketball in Hosting Fitness Test

On Saturday 7th June, the fitness test was conducted in the Bairiki court starting in the morning from 9am - 10am. The purpose of the session is to identify a potential teams to participate in the Micronesian Game.more

National Men's Team

The Senior National Men's Team are keep struggling doing intensive training before the Micronesian Game. This will be the first game Kiribati team will participate since from 2003 - 2014. The training program runs daily, during the week and on weekends.more

Kiribati 35th Anniversary Independence Championship

On Saturday 14th the Kiribati Basketball Federation commences the inaugural independence basketball championship gathering 6 open mens team, 8 junior mens and 4 teams for U16 boys. The opening ceremony held in the Bairiki basketball court starting from 9:30am and followed by shoot out competition (3point&5point). After fun activities, games kicks off for junior men (U20) and then open men.more

Sponsorship from FSP

The Kiribati Basketball Federation and NBDO has been well negotiated with the FSP(Foundation for the people of the South Pacific) department was agreed to sponsor the schools tournament including Primary schools, JSS and SSS.more

First and Second Day of NBDO workshop

Just heading off two days training workshop in Melbourne Canberra conducted by great lecturers. Annie La Fleur and Joe Ferris were the main presenters in the workshop delivering important and efficient message to all NBDO's.more

Development work in schools - U12

In past two weeks, school visit has been carried out by NBDO within 12 primary schools. The main target this for this age categories is to build up skills for these young kids for the upcoming inter primary school championship. In 2013, there were over 500+ young kids involved in the program and were been recruited for this year to participate in the pregames for the upcoming championship.more

U15 Tryout Competition Boys & Girls

The NBDO has been conducting the tryout competition for U15 boys and girls. The session runs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday in three game venues, Bairiki court, Mormon and at Bikenibeu Basketball court within 1 hour. The tryout competition purposes is to identify most talended and potential young athletes of 14 years of age to attend the Turkish Basketball Training Camp in August this year.more

Xmas Basketball Tournament

The last event usually organised by the federation kick off on Saturday 24th November in the Bairiki court. The event runs in three weeks gathering over 200 competitors from clubs competing in different age groups.more

KCC training program

NBDO has been invited by the Kiribati Community Club to conduct the refereeing training workshop (level 0) for the Teoaoraereke community/local people. The KCC is an organisation established since 2009 in which gathering 4 sports to be a member of the organisation such as basketball, volleyball, soccer & rugby. This body was fully funded by the Australian Sport Outreach Program every year.more

National Basketball Championship Te Runga 2013

Te Runga has completely successful on Saturday 5th October 2013. On 21st September the game commences for each sport including basketball as well. The opening ceremony was started on Friday 20th Sept by gathering over 2,000 athletes from outer islands and came to compete in Te Runga Championship in different sport. Te Runga runs in two weeks starting from Saturday 21st and end Saturday 5th 13.more

Senior Secondary Basketball Championship

The SSS Basketball championship was successfully completed on the 21st of August in the Bairiki Basketball court. According to the finals system, the top 4 from schools for boys and girls has compete in the playoffs on Wednesday afternoon. As a result, two teams for boys and girls qualified in the finals. There were over 400 players from schools participated in the event competing for the champ.more

DC trading handing over to KBF

We would like to thank DC Trading for the great support and assistance in providing trophies for the Senior Secondary Schools Basketball Championship for both males and females. Together with 2 trophies for males and females, MVP trophy also included for the best players who will be awarded this year as MVP for outstanding skills, team work for offensive and defensive and best shooter.more

2 weeks training camp - U12 B&G

The training camp was conducted from 26th August to 7th September for U12 boys and girls in the eastern south Tarawa. This is part of development school visit were undertaken in different designated schools. While school visit takes place by NBDO, registration for the training camp program has also opened to young boys and girls in each schools in order for them to learn more advance things.more

Holiday break program

The one day coaching clinics and fun games conducted for U12 and U15 boys and girls in Bikenibeu during the holiday breaks for national youth day. There were over 50 boys and girls gathering to learn basketball basic skills and learn to play. There were local coaches from clubs and qualifies coaches who complete the level 0 coaching grade spent their time assisting NBDO in running the program.more

Primary Schools coaching clinics

The NBDO visited 12 primary schools by conducting coaching clinics for U12 boys and girls. The primary schools visited every morning in different places and time. Apart from the school visit, NBDO ran a mini Basketball every Monday and Friday after school hours commencing from 4pm to 5pm because these schools located separately.more

KFL Basketball Championship 2013

The Kiribati Basketball Federation has just completely succeeded the Independence Basketball Championship on the 12nd July. There were 100+ players from different clubs who were participated in the event competing for the new champ this year for both men and women. The league for both men and women ran within a month until first playoffs and grand finals.more

Motorbike for NBDO

Many thanks to FIBA Oceania in providing transport to Kiribati NBDO as to run basketball development work in Kiribati. The transport was first used on the 4th June. According to NBDO program he run coaching clinics within 12 primary schools and 6 Junior Secondary Schools. The transport for him will be a great assistance as to get time to run programs. Thanks for the great support!!.more

Inter Club Basketball for World No Tobacco Day

The Ministry of Health and NBDO were collaborating well in organising the inter club basketball league to promote the World No Tobacco Day within two weeks. According to the main programme set, competition and lecturer was conducted alternately (eg Monday lecturer, Tuesday comp)and on. There were over 200 young players from each clubs participated in the events to commemorate the special day.more

U12&16 training camp

The coaching clinics conducted by NBDO and volunteers in Bikenibeu Basketball club gathering 80 boys and girls in Naw court, Bikenibeu court and NCD court. As the long break of schools start, it is good to invite young players between age groups 12 to 16 to spend their time in basketball in two weeks break rather than doing nothing.more

Bairiki Basketball Court renovation

A successful achievement to KBF...The Kiribati Basketball Federation together with the NBDO has proposed to the Ministry of Internal and Social Affairs and Taiwan to move the court markings to the center. The Federation raised the purpose of moving the court to the center as to accomadate players, officials and together with spectators while giving free space during watching games.more

2013 Primary School development visit

U12 boys and girls participation in basketball. On the 11st of Feb, NBDO conducted a school development visit within 12 primary schools. According to the arrangement with school's principals, the NBDO and teachers will work together. The main target is to develop and improve basketball skills at grass root level to prepare them for the upcoming Primary Schools championship.more

Refereeing Workshop

The refereeing workshop conducted within the NCD Basketball Club in 3 days. The 3 days refereeing workshop has been successfully conducted by the NBDO for the NCD Youth members. The club is inviting the federation to conduct the course whilst delegating the NBDO to give the apprentice and community level to these young people.more

First day of Basketball holiday Camp

U12 and U16 boys and girls gathering to learn basketball. The NBDO and volunteers conducted the one and half hours first day of training in Nawerewere court. There were up to 40's students attended the training gathering U12 and U16 boys and girls.more

Holiday break preparation

The preparation for holiday break has come!!The NBDO and teachers have just started the preparation for the coming long holiday break. There are 6 schools to be involved in this program including the eastern schools only. The main venue will be at the LDS court Buota, Nawerewere court, Bik Parish court and SDA court in Korobu.more

Division 2 Men Grand Finals

A young and future strong stars compete to a very tight score!!! The division 2 men are opening the grand finals between two young strong teams known as Moroni Warriors and Bik Dreams 2. Moroni Warriors was a team representing the Moroni High School who wins the inugural championship last year defeating the Young Saint from Teaoraereke clubs.more

Coral Ace Open Men 2012 Champ

2012 open men champ kicks off in the Bairiki court! On Thursday afternoon at 1730pm, the open men grand finals kicks off in the Bairiki court. There were two strong teams compete in the final known as Bik Dreams and Betio. Therefore previously, one of the undisbuted team known as Bik Dreams wins the competition mostly approximately 7 years now and never loose from the opponent.more

KBF kicks off the Final Matches

Known as a Coral Ace Basketball Championship league 2012 is coming to a close!!!...more

KBF achieved refereeing workshop

Finally, the Kiribati Basketball Federation successfully achieved the Level O Refereeing..


KBF meeting with Teachers

2012 Junior Schools Basketball Championship!!!,..Saturday 24th March in Bairiki court..

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