Fri 22 Men S21


Last Uploaded : Thu 26-May-2022 12:33:39

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Competition Notes

**Round 1, 2 & 3– Not included in competition ladder
**DOUBLE HEADER ROUND – 11, 12 & 13. All games played in these rounds are worth double points.

Division Byes

Final Series:
After the conclusion of the competition, the decision will be made on the finals format. If the competition does not split for finals then the below format will be used. If the Match Committee deems it appropriate to split, then the format will be determined then.
1 V 4
2 V 3
Semi Finals19.03.2021
Finals 26.03.2021

If teams are on equal points at the end of the season the following is applied:
*1. Head to Head clash- between the teams involved
*2. If still tied then overall percentages of the entire competition.

Head to Head
Obilic 22M Archers - W, W, L
OF Extreme - L, L, W

Red Stars - W, L - 1.22%
Mounties Mayhem - W, L - 0.8%