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Player Name Team Name M Goals Avg Goals Highest Scr Highest Scr Date Highest Scr Venue Highest Scr Oppnt Total Votes
A Zauch Frisky Pandas 11
A Humphrey U.N.O 1
A Humphrey U.N.O 6
A Cassanet U.N.O 4
A Brown Smetball 1
A Stone U.N.O 2
A Joslyn Mixed Bag 4
A Ridgell Frisky Pandas 10
A Symmons Mixed Bag 13
A Gadsden Mixed Bag 1
B Kinshela Smetball 4
B Somers Mixed Bag 1
B Armstrong Mixed Bag 1
C Posa U.N.O 1
C Annette U.N.O 6
C Cameron Frisky Pandas 2
C B Chessa Startled Koalas 13
C Thomson Mixed Bag 11
D Davies Mixed Bag 5
D Wilson Frisky Pandas 6
D Leach Startled Koalas 4
D Parker Kingsway Team 1
E Adams Smetball 5
E Mcgrath Smetball 5
F Tween Never 7 5
F Mccloud Frisky Pandas 1
F V D Berg Startled Koalas 2
G Manella Frisky Pandas 14
G Bice Mixed Bag 2
H Mettam Smetball 3
H Holdorp U.N.O 1
J Kerr Smetball 5
J Longman U.N.O 5
J Lloyd Smetball 7
J Atkinson Frisky Pandas 12
J Humphrey U.N.O 7
J Houareau Startled Koalas 9
K Richards Smetball 6
K Hayes Mixed Bag 2
K Atkins Startled Koalas 13
K Bice Mixed Bag 11
L Evans Startled Koalas 1
L Casey Frisky Pandas 13
L Thompson Mixed Bag 6
L Watkins Smetball 2
L Harrop U.N.O 2
M Lloyd Smetball 2
M Atkins Startled Koalas 12
M Daly Smetball 6
M Coghlan Frisky Pandas 13
M Richardson Mixed Bag 2
M Attwell Mixed Bag 6
M Seats U.N.O 3
N Gordon U.N.O 4
N Luca Mixed Bag 5
N Finou Frisky Pandas 2
O Parsons U.N.O 6
R Hollick Mixed Bag 5
R Hollick Mixed Bag 1
R Kelly Startled Koalas 6
R Stone U.N.O 1
R Lee Marangutans 5
R Kerwin Mixed Bag 7
S Chua Smetball 6
S Hamoys Frisky Pandas 2
S Stone Kingsway Team 1
S Seelander Startled Koalas 4
S Kelly Startled Koalas 13
S Bastow Marangutans 1
S Daly Smetball 1
T Leach Startled Koalas 7
T Carron Never 7 1
T Voysey Smetball 4
T Slatter U.N.O 2
T Belton Mixed Bag 12

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