08 Girls C - 2020 Summer

Game Reminder
Live Now FINAL
8:15 AM / Sat 22 Feb
Live Now FINAL
8:45 AM / Sat 22 Feb
Live Now FINAL
9:00 AM / Sat 22 Feb

Last Uploaded : Thu 30-Jun-2022 22:38:58

For any missing or incorrect results, please contact the Competition Organiser.

Competition Notes



Any player that plays 3 games above their grade will be re-graded to a higher grade.
When using a fill-in player, advise your Club's committee immediately.

ROUND 17 & Encouragement Day

Please note - Under 8’s have an extra round on Saturday 2nd of May 2020. Games will be between 8am and 3.30pm at REC. Under 8 Encouragement Day is on Saturday 10th May 2020.


Clearances need to be submitted by 11:59pm on the Sunday of the Junior Grand Finals for the new season.


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